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10 accessories from the 90s that are back to remind you of your childhood

accesorios noventeros - 10 accessories from the 90s that are back to remind you of your childhood

The 90s are back: the articles that arrive just to nostalgia, between the products most emblematic that marked the era of the 90s are the Tamagotchi, lice for hair, Micro Oven and Polly Pocket. That is why today we are going to tell you which are those 10 90s accessories that are back to remember your childhood, you will love them and you will want to buy them all.

10 90s accessories that are back and will make you look younger

If you were one of the children and adolescents who grew up in the 90’s and your parents, for some reason or another, threw away your fashion product or in the end it was lost, nothing happens: you can have it in your hands again!

They say that life is a cycle and this also happens with fashion, from time to time we see the return of trends from the past and, as the meme would say: it is happening again. The 90s fashion It has been wanting to revive for some time and now it is at its peak. So if your thing is to return to the style of your childhood or youth, and even make a theme party for your next birthday and relive the nostalgia of yesterday, in Free market you can find hundreds of articles with which you can achieve it. All shipments from 299 pesos are free and thousands of products arrive the same day or up to 24 hours to all corners of the country.

10 accessories from the 90s that are back to remind you of your childhood

1. Tamagochi-like virtual mascot

This is one of the accessories from the 90s that was very popular and it kept us entertained all day. You’re already old enough for this virtual pet don’t die, right? You are in luck because you can find this device in many online stores.

2. Polly Pocket Doll Playset

And blow to nostalgia from when the hardest thing in life was choosing which cereal you were going to have for dinner and which doll you had to play with Polly Pocket.


90s accessories

3. Lice and Butterflies

Ideal for creating different hairstyles for your day to day, fashionistas hung up to the molcajete in the hair, and the piojitos were from the accessories everyone’s favorites.90s accessories

4. Choker

We love! It seems that this accessory will never go out of style and is ideal for girls who have a more modern style. grunge-punk. More than one was brave and took her choker to school even though it was forbidden. To talk about adrenaline, you have to mention the moment when you had to take it off so the teachers wouldn’t see you.

90s accessories

5. One

It is board game It is a classic of family gatherings, so this very nineties edition is ideal for the present.

90s accessories

6. Retro lunch box

With this lunch box there was no way to carry hidden toys for recess and it could go very wrong to play backpacking.

90s accessories

7. Flared pants

That bottom looking trampled and dirty seemed to be part of the outfit. Fortunately, you have a second chance to do better and use platforms or heels Don’t allow it, please!


90s accessories

8. Bucket Hat

Las protagonists They were worn in all the movies and they began to come out with different printed graphics and colors, one of the favorites was the ones that were accompanied by flowers. Now they have returned to fill the concerts of the moment.

90s accessories

9. Micro oven

In this era everyone wanted to have the famous micro oven, it is even considered one of the most requested toys of the Three Wise Men, however, not everyone was lucky and very few were able to enjoy it. Now you can give it to the child in you.

90s accessories

10. 90s sweatshirt

It’s not that the sweatshirts may be an icon of the time, but the cartoons that filled us with so much laughter are. Take everywhere your favorite characters that you saw before going to the school.

90s accessories

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