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10 apps to install on your new computer right away

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Very often, immediately after installing the Windows operating system, users ask themselves about the software that needs to be installed first. Fortunately, the times when it was necessary to store all the drivers and codecs on a flash drive have already passed, so the system is usable immediately after installation (if we are talking about Windows 10 and 11, of course), but for comfortable work in everyday life, you need a list basic applications. And so that you do not have to scour the Internet for answers or pry memories of the list of programs in the Start menu from memory, I decided to collect the top 10 applications that you need to install right away.

uTorrent – torrent client for your favorite content

Although uTorrent is sometimes used to download pirated content, it is often used to download free-to-play content, archives of old movies, series, books, and magazines that are not published on paid platforms. For example, some content may not be available through licensed services, or the user, with all his desire, cannot pay for a television show with the voice acting that he likes (this is especially true for unofficial voice acting of series from small studios). With old video games, the same story – some even relatively recent games simply cannot be bought, so you have to use the good old uTorrent.

VLC – media player for any format

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Of course, there are more than enough media players that allow you to play movies, series, anime and other content of this kind, but some programs are paid or provide some important functions only after purchasing a paid license. VLC in this regard looks like an ultimate solution, since the software is absolutely free and open source, it easily handles all modern content formats, is easily customizable to your needs (you can download one of the thousands of themes) and consumes a minimum of computer resources. Nothing superfluous – only the necessary functions and features.

7‑Zip – advanced archiver

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

The built-in utility in Windows 10 and 11 allows you to open Zip archives without additional software, but there are RAR or 7z archives that are no longer amenable to this utility (especially if these archives are password protected). Accordingly, without additional software, it is still not possible to work comfortably and fully on a computer. Fortunately, this issue has long been resolved by the free application 7‑Zip, which easily copes with any archives and allows you to create these archives (with a password, without it, various settings, and so on). Software proven by decades and millions of users from all over the world.

CCleaner – cleans up any debris

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

On any computer, unnecessary garbage gradually accumulates, which takes up free space on the hard drive. In addition, sometimes when uninstalling software, errors in the registry may occur, which, of course, do not affect system performance that much, but can still cause crashes and errors. The CCleaner program can handle all this – it deletes old entries in the registry if they are no longer needed, cleans unnecessary trash on the hard drive, and performs a dozen more useful procedures for the computer. It is strongly recommended to use disk analysis and cleaning at least once a month – the memory will be noticeably larger.

ShareX – beautiful screenshots and notes

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

The ability to take a screenshot is available on any PC without special software, but a fragment of the entire screen is not always needed – often you need to screenshot only a specific window or part of it, make a note over the screenshot, or point with arrows to the necessary buttons and switches. With these (and not only) tasks, ShareX does an excellent job – the software is very flexible, it allows you to save images in the required format, take notes, crop only the necessary areas of the screen, record videos and much more. There are so many settings that you can get confused at first, but this gives you absolute freedom when working in everyday life.

OpenOffice – free office suite

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Everyone needs an office suite, since it is necessary to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations in absolutely any sphere of life. Of course, many are accustomed to using Microsoft solutions, but in fact there is a free analogue called OpenOffice, which does just as well, while the interfaces of the software packages are extremely similar and it will be easy to get used to. Perhaps the best set of software for working with documents for those who do not want to pay for a paid office suite or engage in potentially dangerous piracy, since it is easy to catch a virus or miner when downloading Microsoft Office.

AIMP — cult software for music

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Of course, in today’s world of streaming music, TV shows and movies, not so many users download music to a PC to listen to it later from a hard drive. But still, there are such users – they like the fact that you don’t have to pay for streaming content, plus some tracks are not available on popular sites, or the service itself is simply not available in the country. With AIMP and your favorite tracks in the Music folder, there will be no such problems, and the application itself is actually extremely convenient – you can find interface skins, set up playlists, an equalizer, and more. For listening to music, there is probably no better application.

Foxit Reader – opens any PDF document

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Any PDF document can be opened in a browser, but sometimes in this scenario there are problems with encoding, various characters, shapes, complex graphics, and so on. A simple document, of course, can be viewed without extra software, but if we are talking about something more complex, then you should take a closer look at Foxit Reader and have the application at hand. It is very light in terms of resource consumption, with a clear interface and all the features you could wish for. Of course, there is an option from Adobe, but it is many times heavier and many users simply do not want to deal with software from this company.

MSI Afterburner — flexible configuration of PC components

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

For some reason, many users believe that MSI Afterburner is needed only for gamers and overclockers, but this, of course, is not the case. The application allows you to monitor and adjust the operation of case fans, which is quite important in the new system, plus you can track the load on the processor and video card, the temperature of the computer components, the load on the RAM and more. To fine-tune your work or gaming system, the software is very useful, as sometimes the user may not suspect that some PC component is overheating or the fans are working at their limit.

Radmin – PC setup from anywhere in the world

10 apps to install on your new computer right away

Often there are situations when you need to show something on your PC to a person who is very far away. You can, of course, record a video and send it, but it is long, complicated and not always effective. Radmin copes with the task much better – you can remotely show your screen, explaining some points, or connect to the user’s demo and figure out how the desired application works or how to perform certain actions. Of course, there are a lot of analogues on the market, but Radmin is the most popular solution, which speeds up the process of providing information at times.


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