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10 basic garments that you must have in your closet to not die of cold and always look well-groomed

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The autumn-winter season has arrived and it is important that you know what garments you must have in your closet to survive the cold of these stations in the most fashionista possible. If you still don’t know the classics of the tamporade, check out this list of basic clothes for the cold that will help you complement outfits to look perfect (and yes, while staying warm).

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10 basic garments that you must have in your closet to not die of cold and always look well-groomed

1 denim jacket

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Don’t be fooled by the “coldness” of the material with which these pieces are made, for some reason they are one of the basics and favorites of the season. The denim jackets They are perfect for achieving juvenil look With which you will always look neat and stylish, we love them for the cold because they are perfect to wear with knitted sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, jeans, pants, etc.

2 tights

This garment is the best ally for those looking to wear outfits with dresses, skirts or shorts in the middle of the winter season, so that the cold does not stop you from wearing a look fashionista yes or yes this warm garment should be in your closet. If it is in your possibilities to invest in buying an extra pair, do not hesitate to do so, because in addition to being comfortable and warm they look super stylish.

Leggings outfit with dress and leather jacket

3 Knitted Sweater

Los knitted sweaters are the consent of the Autumn Winterin addition to protect you from the cold They exist in thousands of designs, colors, shapes, and styles for you to achieve iconic outfits without compromising your body temperature. Another reason why they are of the favs is that they go well with everything: jeans, skirts or dresses.

Knitted sweater for the cold

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4 Sweatshirt

Las sweatshirts o hoodies they are a super basic garment for this climate, do not be fooled by their image of “fachosa” clothes because with them you can achieve amazing looks With which you will look neat, and the best, while you stay warm. You can bet on sporty, casual or flirty outfits.

Hoodie look with padded jacket

5 Shelter

If yours are the elegant looks yes or yes, a garment that should not be missing in your wardrobe this season is a good coat. The color trends They invite us to acquire this garment in fashionable tones that help you look super chic in your day to day life, however, our advice is to go for a basic color like beige, black or camel as they will be perfect to combine with any style you want to show off.

Outfit con gabardina beige

6 courtship

Los blazer are our favorites for fall-winter season because they allow to achieve casual and formal styles thanks to their versatility when used with other garments such as jeans, knitted sweaters, skirts, dresses, etc. We advise you to bet on neutral tones when purchasing yours, or bet on a red color if what you want is to succeed at your dinner. Christmas.

outfit con blazer color ocre

7 Faux Leather Jacket

If you are looking to bet on a look rebelde, seductive and unique, your closet must have a leather jacket (preferably black), to wear during this cold season. This garment is perfect to use with more styles and its plus is that it can be combined with others such as long sleeve t-shirts, knitted sweaters or turtleneck shirts. Scarves are one of the most characteristic accessories to wear with these jackets.

black outfit with leather jacket and scarf

8 padded chamber

For you who are from the cold club, bet on including in your wardrobe a padded jacketthis will allow you to stay warm during the cold days of Autumn Winter at the same time that it helps you to perfectly wear iconic looks.

Outfit with padded jacket, jans and sneakers

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9 Skirt

Las skirts are one of the classics cold season (although it sounds a bit crazy) because they are perfect with a nice pair of tights or tights (if you are one of those who suffer from the cold). Its use gives your look an air of elegance and sophistication, which is why they are the perfect garment to shine this Christmas.

Outfit with vere skirt, black stockings and checkered shawl

10 ankle boots

Footwear is also an important factor when defining a look, which is why in our list of basic garments for the cold and for you to support this Cold weather you should opt for one that gives you comfort, convenience and keeps your little feet warm. I bet you ankle boots in its multiple shapes and colors: hunter, lace, with closures, etc., which in addition to being the characteristic footwear of these dates are perfect with any style and outfit.

basic clothes for the cold

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