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10 casual outfits with a sweatshirt that you can wear this weekend

10 casual outfits with a sweatshirt that you can wear - 10 casual outfits with a sweatshirt that you can wear this weekend

The weekend has arrived and it is your opportunity to go out and spend some time with friends, family or your sweetheart. We know that after a hectic week the last thing you want is to think about what to wear and say ‘hello’ to your pajamas all day, but girl, there is only one life, so get up and get ready with these ideas of casual outfits with sweatshirts to wear a comfortable but beautiful look this relaxing weekend.

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10 casual outfits with a sweatshirt that you can wear this weekend

1 Turtleneck with sweatshirt and jeans

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With this idea you will wear a sporty, elegant and very warm look. Bet on wearing a high-necked blouse like the unicolor high-necked model from Shein ($154 mxn) combining it with a round-necked sports sweatshirt that you have in your closet. Try to make it a dark color to make a contrast and highlight your neck, creating the illusion of elongating it. Complement with your best pair of jeans.

outfit with navy zaul sweatshirt

2 fisherman jeans with sweatshirt and blazer

Bet on a casual but elegant look, take your best hoodie-style sweatshirt out of your closet and combine it with a black blazer to give contrast and presence to your look, bet on the unicolor double-breasted Blazer from Shein ($796 mxn). Complement with fisherman cut jeans and black and white tennis shoes.

Casual outfits with sweatshirts and black blazer

3 Straight pants with hoddie

Play with contrasts in colors and bet on wearing a green hoodie combined with straight white pants. If you don’t have any of these items in your closet, bet on the Unicolor Hood with Drawstring Pocket model from Shein ($284 mxn) to match the Ecru High Waist Straight Leg Jeans from Shein ($530 mxn).

Casual outfit with green sweatshirt and green white jeans

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4 Sweatshirt with white shirt and leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable garments in the world, as well as being super warm, surely you have a pair in your closet, take them for a walk with you! This garment is perfect for a casual look and especially with those that include a sweatshirt. To add a special touch add an oversize white shirt, accompany it with your tennis shoes and you are ready for the weekend.

outfit with sweatshirt and leggings

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5 Leggings with sweatshirt and long trench coat

In addition to being an elegant look, it will help you protect yourself from the cold this season. Bet on combining your hoodie-style sweatshirt with a long trench coat like the EZwear unicolor trench coat with button from Shein ($711 mxn). Complement it with your best black leggings and white tennis shoes.

outfit with sweatshirt and trench coat

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6 Black pants with lumberjack shirt and sweatshirt

The lumberjack style is one of our favorites to wear in the cold season, in addition to the fact that its characteristic checkered shirt is made of a very warm fabric that adds a unique style to the looks. If you still don’t have one of these garments, go for the Shein DAZY Drop Shoulder Flap Pocket Tartan Shirt ($587 mxn). Accessorize with your best hoodie and your favorite black jean.

Outfit with sweatshirt and lumberjack-style plaid shirt

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7 High waist flared jeans with sweatshirt

High-waisted jeans are our best friends because they help to stylize our figure and they fit perfectly with any look and style. Bet on wearing a flared model and combine it with a round neck sweatshirt. You can play with the size of the sweatshirt because these jeans and their high waist will do all the justice in the world.

outfit with round neck sweatshirt and flared jeans

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8 Straight jeans with tank top sweatshirt

We love tank top sweatshirts, these sweatshirts that are a combination between a crop top and a bolero jacket because they are perfect for wearing a sporty look and they look amazing with a pair of straight pants and a t-shirt. To recreate this look, we recommend you bet on the Shein space dye tank top & short hood with drawstring ($193 mxn), the DAZY short ribbed knit tank top from Shein ($134 mxn), and the Shein high-waisted ripped jeans ($623 mxn).

Outfit con sudadera top tank

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9 Jeans, vest and boots

For a more daring look and rebel girl style, bet on wearing your best pair of jeans, a round neck sweatshirt and a vest. The cahelcos are the perfect companion for those who seek to protect themselves from the cold without carrying a cumbersome jacket. Bet on the Shein EZwear Hooded Drawstring Padded Vest Coat model ($643 mxn), and a pair of Combat Boots with Front Lace available at Shein ($767 mxn)

Outfit with sweatshirt and vest

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10 High-waisted jeans with cropped sweatshirt

If you have a pair of high-waisted jeans in your closet, girl, make the most of them. These are perfect for a look with a sweatshirt, especially if it is cropped, that is, it leaves a little bit of skin exposed. In addition to being a flirtatious and very feminine garment, it is ideal for a relaxed outfit with which you feel comfortable but you do not look messy, that is, it will be your best friend this weekend.

Outfit with sweatshirt and high-waisted jeans

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Outfits with a knitted sweater to stay warm this weekend:

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