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10 cute tattoos that are perfect for hiding scars

10 tatuajes que te ayudaran a ocultar tus cicatrices portada de fb - 10 cute tattoos that are perfect for hiding scars

tattoos are very specials for us because each one contains a very precious meaning that we keep in our memory. But they can also help us cover some mark or scar that we have, and they would creatively represent that wound. we show you 10 cute tattoos that are perfect for hiding scars.

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10 perfect tattoos to hide scars

1 in the womb

It applies very well for those moms who had a caesarean section and have a line left in the lower part of their belly. In addition, the meaning can be of the most bonito, because through that scar a baby was born with what represents a new life. You can tattoo flowers in a strip shape, like representation of life.


Jo Emery

2 in the back

Due to life circumstances we can get to have a wound on our back and a nice way to cover it is with a pretty rose Here you can look super and you can wear one grande that looks great and represents something important to erase that memory of the scar.

10 tattoos that can be used to cover a scar- tattoo on the back

3 Tattoo on the arm

Our arm is one of the places that most prone we have to hurt ourselves and in which we have more wounds. A super cool way is add to it a most beautiful tattoo on your arm and more if you add different tones.

10 tattoos that will help you cover a scar- tattoo on the arm


Federica Saletta

4 Tattoo on the leg

Our legs also suffer from this type of situation in the skin or blow, as it is a common area that we usually have accidents such as falls or scratches. Design a super in tattoo and add the colors that represent you the most.

10 tattoos that will help you cover your scars- tattoo on the leg



5 in the ribs

We know that this part of the body can also have scars due to operations that we had, something cool would be to cover it with a nice tattoo so that the memory of that experience It doesn’t affect you and you can think of something else.

10 tattoos that will help you cover the scars-tattoo on the ribs


Jhonatan Hernandez Flores

6 at the ankle

This area is also often scraped or cracked and to disguise the mark that remains, add a drawing of the most representative for you, well they say that you can transform pain into until.

10 tattoos that will help you hide scars- on the ankle



7 on the wrist

It is a very delicate of our body, and sometimes we can count on a wound, you can cover it in the best way with a pretty rose or flower. and you can give him a meaning so cute. But always remember to take care of your skin with love.

10 tattoos that will help you cover a scar- on the wrist



8 behind the neck

If you have any behind your neck, a cute colorful sunflower can sort out the problem of erasing that wound. use colors alive in this type of tattoos to make them look more.

10 tattoos that will help you cover your scar- behind the neck

9 Above the chest

For those people who have unfortunately had an operation and have left a wound on his chest, tattooing it is something very creative for forget that bad time It’s a super nice idea.

10 cute tattoos that are perfect for hiding scars 8

10 on your forearm

For many this place has been marked for some wound that we could have, either due to various life situations. But cover it that way it’s a nice landscape is all you need.

10 tattoos that will help you cover your scars - on the forearm

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