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10 easy red lipstick makeup to look perfect at Christmas

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One of our favorite seasons of the year is approaching and we want to close it in the best possible way, do you know what makeup Will it define you and accompany your style these December dates? If you are still looking for ideas to wear perfect in redcheck these red lipstick makeup that will save you this Christmas. Psst: they are also very easy.

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10 easy red lipstick makeup to look perfect at Christmas

1 Makeup no makeup

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This idea is perfect for days of high stress and where the clock is our enemy. If you’re in a hurry to go out and haven’t had time to put on your makeup, apply the old trusty of a look makeup no makeup which consists of putting on makeup what is necessary to make you look super natural. So run through your basics: foundation, mascara and red lipstick for simple yet elegant makeup.


2 Lips with diamonds

If what you want is to succeed Christmas boasting one of the best red lipstick makeup, bet on this unique idea like you. What you need is a template red makeup stonesa good lipstick or a lash glue to start contouring and filling in your lips with these tiny but sparkly stones. In addition to wearing a unique look, you will also look super bling-bling and you will be wearing trends until the last days of the year.

Red diamond lip makeup


3 Smokey red eyes + labial rojo

For a look with a bit of drama but without being so elaborate, there is this idea. It consists of making a smokey eye perfectly blended in burgundy with brown and a touch of black to give depth. Remember it’s a light makeup so we advise you to apply it only to the outside of your eye. Complement with wine lips for a sexy style.

Smokey eye in burgundy with burgundy lips

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4 Red lips with goldie shade

Other super simple look and of our favorites it combines the two most representative colors of the season:red and gold. If you have a gold eyeshadow in your palettes eyeshadows do not hesitate to use it, apply it in taps all over your mobile eyelid and go up to your eyebrows. Finish your look with the protagonist of the night: your best crimson lipstick.

Makeup with gold eyeshadow and red lips


5 Foxy eyes con labial rojo

Bet on a super sexy look at Christmas dinner with this idea. run for you eyeliner favorite and make on your eyes a outlined foxywe recommend making it dramatic to get a striking yet elegant look. Dab a little highlighter on your browbone and with your red lipstick outline and fill in your lips, finish with a little mascara and blush.

Foxy eyes makeup with red lips

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6 Pin-up style makeup with fine liner

The pinup style is still one of the favorites, bet on it this Christmas Well, it is perfect for those who want to look neat but without applying so much make-up. With the help of your black eyeliner, make a super fine line on the line of your tabs, start from the middle of your eye and trace towards your temple. Repeat that same process with your other eye and apply your favorite red lipstick.

Makeup ideas with red lipstick pinup style


7 Look natural

Although this date is perfect to wear a super glam look and in which we want to hang ourselves to the molcajete, it is also valid not to want to make so much production. If this is your case and you are looking for a super simple idea, bet on this: here your best ally and the only element that will help you look radiant will be your Red lipstick.

Natural makeup with red lips

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8 bright red + red lips

This idea, besides being super simple, adapts to the trend of wearing diamonds in makeup. Make a blurred cat eye and with glue for eyelashes place pebbles of different sizes in Red color on your mobile eyelid (no problem if you want to raise them to your eyebrow or apply many glitters). Finish your look with your best matte red lipstick and a bit of blush.

Makeup with red stones and red lipstick


9 Highlighter in the corner + bright red lips

If you are from the team natural makeup this idea will fascinate you, to achieve it you will only need a highlighter, your mascara and of course a blood red gloss. Curl your lashes like you normally do, take a little highlighter with your little finger and apply a little bit in the tear duct of your eye, apply mascara and ends with a red gloss.

Simple makeup with red lips


10 Brown shade with red lips

For those people looking for a classic and basic look to shine this Christmas We advise you to bet on this idea. From your palette of shadows resort to brown, the darkest you see. Apply with a brush fluffy all over your mobile eyelid and try not to cover it or extend it because we will only use this color. Perfectly blend the ends so it doesn’t look like a smear of color, curl your lashes, apply mascara and place your favorite red lipstick.

red lip makeup

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