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10 hairstyles to hide gray hair after 40 or before

10 peinados que te haran disimular las canas portada de fb - 10 hairstyles to hide gray hair after 40 or before

At a certain age of our life begin Now to get those gray hairs that when we were young we saw far away. And not so much there are also those who appeared from an early age and for most It is a topic where we already started to paint them, but for those who still have the advantage of being able to to hide In different hairstyles, there are several sensational ones that will give us that help that we are looking for so much. we show you 10 hairstyles to hide gray hair after 40 or before.

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10 hairstyles to hide gray hair after 40 or before

1 Wet Hair

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Wet hair is option number one and we already know why, because by bringing the hair in this way it darkens and is favorable because everything looks uniform. You can do this effect with the help of styling cream or fixing gel all the way back, there are different options for doing this hairstyle. Do the one that attacks you the most.

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2 Side parted hair

For those of us who are hardly coming out in the root part, make him to your hair a side parting is the best for hide if you prefer, so that look more uniform add styling cream, also to make it look more nice and don’t mess up quickly.

10 hairstyles that will hide your gray hair- on the side


3 Ponytail with bow

This idea is very good since the ponytail is a very suitable hairstyle to cover them and more if you make a bow las you will hide much. You will also look the most beautiful, ideal to go to the office.

10 hairstyles to hide your gray hair- ponytail with bow

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4 Messy Low Bun

carrying a little allocated your hair will be very helpful, this will make you hide the gray hair more, it is as if lose easier, and the bun below is also the best option because it you will pick up and the rest of your hair will hardly be seen.

10 hairstyles that will help you hide gray hair- bun below


5 Braid

Braids will always keep our hair clinging and they will help us not to let see what can sometimes bother us in our hair in this matter gray hair, and in other cases it can be when you have it mistreated or you want some dye to fall off. Use them is a very option practice.

10 hairstyles that will help you hide gray hair- braid


6 Half pigtail in braid

You may recreate the hairstyle of the half ponytail, make it in the form of a braid and it is a good way to hide the gray hair, especially if you wear it a little messy, as we already mentioned. Between the weave of the braid they will pass through unnoticed that’s for sure.

10 hairstyles that will help you hide gray hair- half ponytail with braid

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7 Double Bun Ponytail

Make a Spanish-style ponytail with doble bun, can be a way innovative to comb her hair but she really looks very good and elegant. It takes a little longer but you’ll look great.

10 hairstyles that will make you hide gray hair- ponytail with double bun

8 A headband

It is an accessory that has saved from many to all and it is also super nice. This season use it in dark tones like black or wine. When you wear it with a coat or trench coat it looks in the most distinguished way of all.

10 hairstyles that will help you hide gray hair- black headband


9 Spanish Pigtail

It is for the gray hairs that appear on the nut, your style will look sophisticated and it is a good ally to hide this little problem with our hair. To smooth it well, use products such as creams or fixatives, opt for those that contain enriching treatments for your hair.

10 hairstyles that will help you hide gray hair- low ponytail


10 Hair in waves

We have said that tousled hair is of great aid to do this effect. If you bring it this way and add some waves, you will be able to do what you had in mind to hide. You will look very chic.

10 hairstyles that will hide your gray hair-wavy

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