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10 Halloween makeup ideas if you don’t have a costume

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The day has come when the most terrifying costumes will adorn the streets and corners of the city: that’s right! Halloween! Although we love this festivity that begins the Hallowe’en, we are not going to deny that the rush and other daily tasks have prevented us from finding the perfect costume. If you, like us, do not know how to go out due to lack of a costume, check out these ideas of makeup for halloween and shine this witches night.

10 ideas to dress up as a mean girl this Halloween and how to achieve it

10 Halloween makeup ideas if you don’t have a costume

1 Ghost Face & Candy Corn

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And makeup super representative of this festivity must include two things: the favorite sweet of Halloween and an iconic character from horror movies. That is why for this idea the main inspiration will be sweet corn and the dreaded Ghostface of the movies Scream (nineteen ninety six). To achieve this, we recommend using eyeliners that are activated with water for a better line accuracy and clarity in design. The idea is to mix the characteristic colors of the candy corn with the drawing of Ghostface in the corner of your eye A makeup for halloween simple but very spooky.


2 Spider Web Eyes

This makeup is ideal for those girls who like a look spooky elaborate but discreet. It consists of drawing cobwebs on the edge of your eyes with the help of an eyeliner. What will make your look look amazing sexy is the cat eye that accompanies the spider web. Contrasted with a faded red color and a pair of striking lashes will make you the queen of Halloween.

Cobweb makeup around the eyes


3 Diamond Skeleton

If yours is the Bling-Bling definitely this idea is perfect for you to attract attention this Halloween. you will need a lot fantasy pebbles and resistol for eyelashes. With the help of a white eyeliner, trace the skeleton shape on your face and once you are satisfied with the result, start distributing the stones on your face. Make up your face in a conventional way before applying the stones to highlight your look.

Skeleton makeup with rhinestones


4 Scary Clown

Los evil clowns They are a super traditional look for this holiday, if you still do not have a costume, this idea is perfect to solve this problem. The idea is that you draw on your face a evil smile clown and a harlequin collar. To give it a touch of glam uses body glitter to highlight the makeup.

Clown makeup in earth colors


5 Pumpkin Glam

If your love for traditional gourds of this time goes beyond costumes, you will love this idea. With the help of fantasy stones you are going to draw two pumpkins on your eyelids. for a look more dramatic color your lips in an intense black color and accompany with a pair of impact lashes.

Pumpkin eyelid makeup


6 Sweet Scarecrow

Surely you have seen this makeup countless times and despite this, it will always be perfect to look incredible and without a disguise. Halloween night. You’re just going to need your eyeliner waterproof, yellow and pink shadows, glitter eyeliner and impact lashes. First you are going to apply your makeup like you normally do and once you are satisfied you start with your custom. Lean on your eyeliner and draw “x” of different sizes along your smile. On the tip of your nose, color a circle with yellow and pink, filling it with a blur of both tones. Mark the outline of this circle and draw small lines around it and decorate with your glitter eyeliner.

Female Scarecrow Costume


7 Sweet & Sexy Devil

For the girls looking for a makeup super light but highly sensual comes this version of Sweet & Sexy Devil. With a foxy eye You are going to outline your eyes and, using a candy red lipstick, fill in your lips. So that these are perfect we advise you to follow the recommendations of the makeup artist Pamela Segura. With the help of a liquid shadow or fake blood, apply a few drops like tears falling from your eyes and accompany it with a headband with horns.

Sexy little devil costume

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8 Cute Ghost Cheeks

If your thing is to bet more on the tender looks You are going to love this idea, it is a super makeup spooky but nothing terrifying where the protagonists will be two ghosts. It will depend on your style, the first thing you will do is make up your face, if what you are looking for is to highlight a little, dare to try dark tones, illuminator or dramatic outlines. Once you are satisfied with the result take a liquid shadow or in white cream and draw the shape of ghosts while filling the shapes. When finished, outline the outline and draw faces on them.

Ghost makeup on the cheeks

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9 Sexy Witch

What better way to spend Halloween night that disguised as one This look idea is very simple because it is based solely on highlighting lips and eyes with dark or black tones. yes it dark it’s not your thing you can focus only on the lips. With a waterproof eyeliner draw a line on your eyelashes trying to achieve a foxy effect. Apply striking eyelashes and with that same eyeliner you will make strokes on your lower eyelashes. With your darkest lipstick, line and fill in your lips and you will be ready to show off a Halloween makeup perfect.

Sexy witch costume and makeup

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10 Hot Vampire

Of course Halloween It would not be what it is without the mythical presence of vampires. Become the sexiest of the night only with the help of your makeup. The basis of this idea will be the crimson or dark red shades, apply your eyeshadow as you normally do but try to bring the top part to the sides of your nose. You are going to create a contour effect but without reaching the fins. apply a bit of illuminator in the tear of the eye to give more sight and color your dark red lips. Outline some veins coming out of your eyes with the help of a red pencil and you will be perfect to fit the teeth.

Sexy vampire makeup

Do you want a more elaborate costume?:

Special effects for your costume that will cause terror!

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