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10 ideas to dress up as a mean girl this Halloween and how to achieve it

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The season has arrived Halloween and we know that you are looking for costumes to look perfect tonight and nothing better than doing it in the style of a whole mean girl. Do you want to know how to achieve a worthy look this iconic movie? We tell you how to recreate the best disfraces de mean girl to be the feeling this Halloween.

10 perfect couple costume ideas for this Halloween

10 ideas to dress up as a mean girl this Halloween and how to achieve it

1 Regina George

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If you’re dying to get under the skin of the leader of the group of these “mean girls” bet on this mini skirt with ruching in a solid color tone pink from Shein ($194 mxn), a white blouse with a pink print “A little bit dramatic” available at Free market ($250 mxn), a thin sweater with front buttons (available in Free market for $190 mxn), and a pair of pointed toe heels with a thin heel from Shein ($660 usd). Complement the look with the iconic “R” necklace from Drawerly ($359 mxn).

2 Gretchen Wieners

To achieve a outfit worthy of this gossip girl you’ll need a skinny high neck crop top in fuchsia pink from Shein ($138 mxn), crossed skirt with checkered pattern by Shein ($315 mxn), ankle strap sandals with thin heels by Shein ($544 mxn), and to give it the final touch, bet on a diamond pendant like the csterling silver pendant with round cubic zirconia available in Amazon ($549 mxn).

Gretchen Wieners in her iconic striped skirt and pink sweater look

3 Karen Smith

If your favorite character is Karen Smith and you want to recreate his look this Halloweengo for a pink ribbed knit cropped single color jumper from Shein ($295 mxn), a pink lycra skirt. You can choose the option of LYANER available in Amazon ($601 usd). And complement the look with zpointed toe faux suede heeled shoes Shein ($581 mxn).

Karen Smith in her iconic pink suit for Mean girls

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4 Cady Heron

Achieve the look of “the new girl” and be the sensation of the night, to achieve it you need this ribbed knit t-shirt with button in red color Shein ($255 usd), crinkled minimalist pointed toe boots with fake suede laceless heel Shein ($978 mxn), and a flirty tartan ruched skirt with side zipper from Shein ($292 mxn).

Cady Heron in her iconic pleated fallda mean girl look, black bots and red blouse

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5 Regina “Bunny”

It is iconic and super sexy costume from Gerogina is super easy to recreate, opt for classic minimalist side zipper boots with a chunky heel from Shein ($1,032 mxn), the high-waisted girdle shorts from Shein ($ 147 usd), Jacquard corset with keyhole back with lace trim with fringe with panties from Shein ($405 mxn) and black stockings. Complement with Amazon sexy bunny costume accessories ($369 mxn).

Regina George dressed up as a sexy bunny

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6 Karen “I’m a mouse”

If sexy costumes are your thing, bet on recreating the one from sexy mouse from Karen, for this you need classic metallic croc embossed pointed toe chunky heel boots from Shein ($1,024 MXN). Accessorize with a nightgown or a robe-style dress like Shein’s Solid Open Back Drawstring Cami Dress ($25) by adding a silver ribbon under the bust, and a mouse-ear headband (Free market at $364 mxn).

Karen dressed as a sexy mouse with a blouse and a headband with little ears

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7 Cady “Sacary bride”

If what you are looking for is to terrify this Halloween night this costume is for you. To achieve this, you can borrow an old wedding dress or buy one at a second-hand store, however, if you are looking to give your costume a sensual touch, bet on a lace-up front dress with ruffled sleeves from Shein ($516 mxn), a cascade wedding veil (available in Amazon for $297 mxn), a dark hair wig like the natural long straight wig in black from Shein ($447 mxn), and terrifying false teeth to complete the look. You can opt for a pack of false teeth available at Amazon ($161 mxn).

Karen and Cady in scene of Mean girls disguised in halloween

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8 Christmas costume

Kill two birds with one stone with this perfect costume for Halloween and Christmas. Recreate the iconic mean girls Christmas costume with the red solid bandeau top from Shein ($110 mxn), the full skirt with PU leather back zipper from Shein ($325 mxn) to which you can add a little white stuffed animal to give it a Christmas touch. Pair with side zip over the knee boots from Shein ($963 mxn), and the protagonist of this outfit: a Christmas hat.

Regina, Cady and Gretchen in their Christmas costume

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9 Purple bra

An iconic moment of the movie and that yes or yes you should try when searching disfraces de mean girl is the one with the purple bra, to recreate this costume you need a purple bra like the push up underwire bra with adjustable strap from Shein ($101 usd), one white tank top that we advise you to acquire in a market because you will make two cuts at the height of the bust with the scissors. Complement with a circular skirt in black (you can opt for the Basic Versatile Strechy Flare Skater Skirt de Made By Johnny available in Amazon for $340 mxn), and some black shoes.

Regina George wearing her torn t-shirt at chest height showing her purple bra

10 Mrs George

If yours is the relaxed mood of “cool mom” like the mrs george, this costume will be perfect on your Halloween night. To achieve this, you can bet on a pink velvet sweatpants like the SXY velvet sweatpants and hooded jacket from Shein in pink ($590 mxn), the unicolor strappy top from Shein in white ($77 mxn) and your best pair of white sneakers.

Mrs George with her puppy

Iconic moments from the movie:

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