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10 ideas to wear hats this Christmas with long hair and fringes

10 ideas to wear hats this Christmas with long hair - 10 ideas to wear hats this Christmas with long hair and fringes

The cold season has arrived and it’s time for you to dust off your woolen or knitted hats, don’t you wear them because you don’t know how to wear them? Don’t worry! Here we have the solution, review these simple ideas to wear hats with long hair and fringes, hats and berets this Christmas with which you will show off a long hair of 10 while protecting yourself from the cold.

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7 ideas to wear hats this Christmas with long hair and fringes

1 Beret with loose semi-wavy hair

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To carry out this idea, you will first have to untangle your hair, divide it into four sections and lean on some tongs to mark the waves. EYE! Before using heat, protect your hair with a thermoprotector, you can opt for the Turn Up The Heat Spray Thermal Protector ($225 mxn available at Sally Beauty). Being a semi wavy we advise you to set your tongs to a low temperature, take small sections of your first section and wave only the ends. Create a loose wave. Repeat this process with the rest of the sections.

Girl with long semi-wavy hair and fringe wearing a beret

2 Hat with side braid

December is perfect for continuing to use hats, so bet on including them as your favorite accessory this Christmas. The first thing you will have to do is separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Brush and untangle your hair and with the help of your comb begin to comb to one side, begin to weave a side braid that begins at the height of your ear. Hold with a garter and put on your hat.

Side braid with straight fringe and hat

3 Degrafiled fringe with hat and straight hair

Another idea with which you can wear your hats this Christmas is with a degrafiled fringe. Don’t worry, if you wear it straight and you don’t want to cut it, we will teach you how to adjust it to give it this effect. You’re going to need bobby pins, some gel, and an iron. The same as with the previous idea, untangle and protect your hair, take your iron and give it a pass to placate unruly hair. For your fringe, use a comb and begin to comb it to one side, and fix it by applying a wax or gel, we recommend Benita Gel Wax (@benitaproductos), whose formula allows your hair to enjoy flexibility. To finish, fasten with a pin and that’s it.

Straight Hairstyle with Caps with Long Fringe Hair

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4 Pliers with hat and fringe on horns

If straight fringes aren’t your thing but curtain style or “horns” because you’re in the 90s vibe mood, then you’re going to love this idea. It consists of holding your long hair in two braids, you can resort to conventional braids but if you like a more elaborate hairstyle you can make Dutch, herringbone or French braids. Start by detangling your hair, divide it into two sections and comb to flatten baby hairs, take your first section of hair and extract a bit of hair from each side or your bangs in case you wear it short. Start knitting from the height of your neck, hold with a garter at the end. Repeat the same process with the other side. Finish by placing your wool hat and you will be ready.

10 ideas to wear hats this Christmas with long hair and fringes 3

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5 Straight bangs with knitted cap and loose straight hair

This idea is for you who want a quick and simple solution. You will only need your iron, your thermoprotector and your hat. Brush and untangle your hair, apply your thermoprotector all over your hair and take your iron to start smoothing the sections that you see with the most frizz. We don’t want a perfect straightening, just a control of unruly hair. Finish by placing your hat leaving your fringe out and you are ready to go out and succeed this Christmas.

Wool cap on long hair with straight fringe

6 Fringe collected and loose hair

You’ll tell me, it’s that I cut my bangs in a fit of madness and I don’t like how it looks on me, don’t worry, the hat will be your best ally to hide it. To achieve this idea you are going to need your hat and a couple of clips, take the section of hair that makes up your forelock and brush to one side, you can fix it with Benita’s Gel Wax (@benitaproductos) so that it does not slip away under the hat, and fasten with your bobby pins. Place your hat so that it covers a bit of your forehead and leaves your fringe visible as little as possible. Style your hair with a little bit of mousse, try the Herbal Essences Styling Foam ($65 mxn available at Walmart) for curly hair if you have curly hair, otherwise leave it as it is.

Fringe collected with a cap on long hair

7 Bell hat with straight fringe and wavy hair

Finally, one of the best ideas to style and show off a heart-stopping mane this cold season is this. You are going to need a bell hat or one with ears, they are these little hats that simulate being a hood and that completely cover the head and ears. In addition to being very elegant and warm, they are perfect for long hair with fringes. For this idea you will need your thermos protector, tongs and an iron. Protect your hair, brush and untangle and separate your forelock. With the iron at a low temperature, give it two little passes to define them and make it cool and perfect. With the rest of your hair, separate sections lengthwise, that is, they start from your root to the nape of the neck. Try to get 5 and mark waves with the pliers. These must be super defined. When finished, comb and style, put on your hat and go.

 beanies with long hair and straight fringe

Other ways to show off your wool hats:

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