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10 outfit ideas with a red blazer and white tennis shoes to look casual but elegant

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is approaching the Christmas and they will be dates that we know you want look amazing in the characteristic colors of this season. How about starting with red? Dust off that pretty blazer that you’ve been stockpiling for a year from your closet because it’s time to show it off with these amazing outfit ideas. outfits with red blazer and white tennis for you to look a look super casual but without losing the touch of elegance on your way to the office.

10 outfits with a blazer to look elegant this fall

10 outfit ideas with a red blazer and white tennis shoes to look casual but elegant

1 Matching long blazer with dress fisherman pants and white blouse

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Los blazer oversize they are one of the most comfortable and elegant garments that can exist on this planet, their structure allows us to wear them with knitted sweater for cold days or with a matching blouse for hotter days. Bet on combining yours with fishermen with a high waist in the same color and a white blouse. Add a terracotta colored belt for added flair. vintage but elegant to your look.

2 White collarless shirt, jeans and blazer

Los jeans They are a basic that will never fail you, these are perfect to combine for a look casual but also for one that requires formality and elegance. Dare to wear them with your red blazer and complement your look with a white shirt without a collar to contribute for a youthful and sexy style. For those who fear the cold of winter, this outfit It is perfect to accompany with a shawl style scarf.

Jeans with collarless blouse and blazer

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3 Blazer with matching pants

We know that you are a daring and unique girl, which is why this idea will fascinate you. Dare to show off your set of red blazer with white sneakers and nothing else, the idea is to get a risky look where the protagonist of the day is the neckline provided by the jacket. This idea will bring a lot elegance and sensuality to your style (and incidentally it will help you quickly solve the tedious question of what to wear with it).

Red blazer and ponatalón set

4 Black pants and square blouse

One of ours outfits with red blazer and white tennis My favorite is without a doubt this one. It’s formal without being boring, it’s casual without losing elegance and it’s perfect for spending a day at the office. Take your favorite black shawls out of your closet and combine them with a square shirt to recreate this look. Decorate with a belt to frame your figure and you’ll be ready to look beautiful in your red blazer.

Outfit with red blazer and black pants

5 Blazer with white collared shirt and high-waisted jeans

For those looking for a more relaxed style comes this idea, it consists of wearing your best pair of high-waisted jeans with a white collared shirt. East look is the perfect one for a day at work, as it refers to a formal style that mixes perfectly with the casual touch that tennis shoes provide. Are you ready to recreate it?

Outfit con blazer rojo largo y jeans

6 Balzer with paperbag pants and bustier

Revolutionize your style with this idea, paperbags are one of the trends super strong of Autumn Winterlook fashionable by including this style of pants with your blazer. To give it a super touch girly, unique and sexy bet on combining this idea with a beautiful white bustier. You will look gorgeous in this outfit.

Outfit with paperbag pants and blazer

7 Oversized sweater and blazer

Sister, we know that you are from the cold club but we want that not to prevent you from showing off your red blazer with white sneakers, that is why we bring you this idea. Combine it with an oversize sweater that will keep you super warm these autumn and winter days but without losing style and fashionista. Try them with some faded jeans and complement with your favorite pair of sneakers.

Look with blazer and oversize sweater in red and black, jeans and sneakers

8 High-waisted jeans and printed shirt

In addition to being a look super youthful It is perfect for those who do not like to wear shirts or other formal clothing. If you keep a print shirt in your closet, bring it out in the company of your red blazer. Complement your outfit with some high-rise jeans and add as accessories to your look a thin belt to match your blazer and a small bag.

Outfit of high-waisted pants with a red blazer and tennis shoes

9 Oversized blazer with hoodie

Who would have thought that the sweatshirts are the garment for a sunday day You are wrong because this outfit idea is perfect for a day of office. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the sweatshirts because the style lazy with a blazer it looks like anything but fachos, bet on wearing this look con jeans or matching dress pants and be the vibe of the day (while staying toasty).

Outfit with red blazer and white tennis

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10 Leather pants with blazer and white shirt

For those looking for a look sexy but understated this arrives outfit Composed of leather pants and a plain white shirt. The piece that will give your look all the style, poise and elegance of course is your blazer. Think no more and run to your closet for these basics and walk to your work as a whole fashionista.

10 outfit ideas with a red blazer and white tennis shoes to look casual but elegant 9

Don’t know how to combine your blazer? Check these outfits with a red blazer and white sneakers for a youthful, comfortable and elegant look this winter.

Don’t you have a red blazer? We also have ideas for other colors:

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