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10 outfits with a blazer to look elegant this fall

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The way we dress speaks a lot about our personality and style, on these cold days don’t lose either of them and look perfect on your way to school or the office. Check out these ideas that we bring on how to put together the best outfits with a blazer for fall and look super chic and fashionable without dying of cold.

10 elegant outfits with black leggings and ankle boots this fall

10 outfits with a blazer to look elegant this fall

1 Sweatshirt, blazer and sports pants

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give it a touch deportivo to your look without losing elegance. some jeans or sweatpants will be your best ally to combine with a blazer. They can be cut jogger to add shape to your silhouette. Complement with a hoodie Closed with a hood and you will be perfect. add accessorys like bracelets, earrings or a watch to give more presence to your look.

2 Turtle neck blouse, straight jeans and blazer

One of ours outfits favorites for fall is the one that includes turtlenecks. To achieve this idea you will need a patterned blazer, this will be the cherry on the cake of your look. Your shirt or blouse turtle neck It will be the second protagonist in this outfit, try to make it in dark tones to match the pattern of your blazer. in the back of your outfit looks amazing straight jeans and accompanies with some boots.

 outfits with blazer for fall with turtle neck blouse

3 Short skirt, turtleneck and blazer

As we mentioned before, the garments with turtle neck They will be a classic of the season, which is why including them in your look will always be a success. For this idea you can use a sweater slim in neutral tones and combine it with a printed blazer in pictures. Complement it with a black short skirt and stockings to protect you from the cold. East look It goes perfect with ankle boots.

outfits with blazer for fall with short skirt and stockings

4 Knitted blouse, stockings and blazer

The moment to show off blue tones or knitted dresses arrived because the semi-cold weather that comes with the fall It is perfect for these garments. Take the opportunity to bring a knitted dress with tights (or if you’re just super cold wear tights) paired with a long, mascot-print blazer.

Pet print blazer with tights and knit dress

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5 Semi-long blazer with oversize sweater and wide-brimmed hat

If your style is witchy the season fall It is perfect to look amazing with this idea. The only thing you need is a suéter oversize that covers up to your thighs, some decorated stockings, a semi-long blazer and your best military-style boots. you can accompany your look with accessories like a small bag.

Semi-long black blazer with decorated tights, military boots and dress-type sweater


6 Emerald green dress, long boots and long gabardine blazer

It is look it’s perfect to show off flawlesss and very elegantthe emerald green color is perfect to wear in fallcontrast this garment with a cloth blazer long in a brown tone and complete with matching shoes, they can be ankle boots or thigh-high boots. You will look divine in this outfit.

Moka Brown Long Blazer with Emerald Green Long Dress and Camel Boots

7 Green blazer with scarf and black pants

This idea is perfect for you who are a lover of green color. The forest or moss tone, which is a green with a grayish undertone, is perfect to wear this fall. To use it inside your look bet on a blazer largo In this tone, complement it with a square scarf and your best black jeans.

Green blazer accompanied by a square print scarf and black pants

8 Cape-cut blazer with pleated skirt and shirt

This look inspires those girls who love style light withchto achieve your outfit You will need a black pleated skirt, a white blouse, tights and a cape-cut blazer that will help protect you from the cold weather. The accessories that go perfect with this look with a wide-brimmed hat and a small bag.

Black pleated skirt with white blouse and cape type blazer

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9 Dark Academy Style Diamond Sweater Blazer

We know that the dark acedemy style is one of your favorites, that is why this idea is based on the basic garments why is look. To achieve this you will need a blazer mascot in shades of brown, a diamond or plain sweater, the classic white shirt and dress pants.

Cloth blazer with knitted sweater and white shirt

10 Shedron color blazer with crop top and black pants

Shedron color is maximum representative of the season, that is why if you want to wear a blazer outfits for autumn and you have one in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for to wear it! You can combine it with a black crop top (if you’re cold wear one with long sleeves) and high-waisted black pants. The plus for a juvenil look They are platform sneakers.

Blazer color shedron semi largo con outfit color negro

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