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10 outfits with electric blue to look modern and beautiful

10 outfits con azul electrico para verte moderno portada de fb - 10 outfits with electric blue to look modern and beautiful

Electric blue is a color that we love because it distinct regardless of our skin tone. It makes us look prettier and sophisticated. It is ideal to use it this season because it is a color cold which is gradually approaching the winter season. You can wear it in a thousand ways, either in a complete outfit, in a jacket, coat, jacket, dress or pants. We give you 10 outfits with electric blue to look modern and beautiful

So go taking out of your closet the clothes you have in this color, and choose the outfit that you like the most. Long live electric blue this winter!

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10 outfits with electric blue to look modern and beautiful

1 And blazer

We must impose this color in the office since it will be a trend this winter. With some jeans and a white t-shirt you will look incredible the shoes can be high or low it really doesn’t matter. The color of the blazer will highlight your outfit a lot.



2 With plank skirt

By themselves these skirts they love and wearing them in this color is the most beautiful. You may add to it To your outfit a top and a black leather jacket, you will look 10. perfect for you to go to a restaurant bar at night.

10 outfits with electric blue to look modern


woman of 10

3 Electric Blue Sweater

We love sweaters this season and what better way to wear it in this color. You will give it a total twist and you will make a true winter outfit because of the color and the type of garment. It is ideal to walk comfortably and warm at home or you can even take it to a work day.

10 outfit with electric blue to look modern- electric sweater

4 Mini falda blue electric

It is a super fun idea to wear a mini skirt of this color, you will give your outfit total fun. you will look super extroverted and your friends will love it if you go out with her when you wear this outfit.

10 outfits with electric blue to look modern- electric blue mini skirt

5 Tailored Suit

As we agreed we will take this color to the office showing off its shape explosive to attract attention. In a tailored suit it can be the best of ideas, you will represent the tone in an elegant and intense way, you will simply make it known that the cold color has already arrived in the closets this season.

10 outfits with electric blue to look modern- suit suit



6 in blouse

The blouse you wear in this color can be loose, with sleeves, with ruffles, or as you prefer, the fabric also whatever you like. preferencebut it also looks very nice if it is made of silk, well reflects plus the colour. As this type of blouses will be perfect.

10 electric blue outfits that will make you look modern- blouse

7 shirt

Just as it is good to have a white shirt, an electric blue one is the best option for you to have this winter. With high-waisted jeans your ooutfit will be sensational.

10 outfits with modern blue to see you modern-shirt



8 Top

To go out to a barectio the color of your top is perfect will illuminate At night, you can wear it with a tube skirt or pants, you will look great in both ways. So do not think twice about making this your look to go out at night.

10 electric blue outfits to look modern- top

9 dress

Couldn’t stay out the dress is a great option to wear this color, wear it fitted or loose, it can also be made of a fabric silky so that it shines more.

10 electric blue outfits to look modern-dress


ᴘᴏᴡᴅᴇʀ ᴋɪss

10 Electric Blue Coat

A coat is the key piece of this season and could not be missing in our collection electric blue. Wear it for any occasion, whether it’s to go to work in the morning or to go to dinner at night.

10 outfits with electric blue to look modern.  electric blue

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