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10 outfits with flared pants for women +40 to look sexy

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In the desfile Summer 2023 of Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week, our dearest Salma Hayek wore a garment from the 70s in a spectacular way. We are talking about flared pants that are committed to being one of the trends of the fall 2022 and that this talented Mexican carried with great elegance and sensuality at 56 years of age. Do you want to look the same radiant and perfect in your outfit like her?, check these outfits with flared pants for +40 with which you will look super sexy.

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10 outfits with flared pants for women +40 to look sexy

1 Flared in boho chic style

The flared trousers It is very versatile when choosing a look that makes us feel sexy. If you are looking for a relaxed but sensual style, go for a outfit boho chic with your favorite flared pants. To achieve this, run to your closet and look for one tank top in black, a thin knit cardigan and pair it with your best pair of boots.

2 Witch style in flared pants

The witchy style is also perfect with Bell bottom pantstake advantage of the fact that we are a few nights away from Halloween and dare to go out with this style to the street. For this you will need your best pair of flared jeansan oversize black medium knit sweater, black boots and the icing on the cake is a wide-brimmed hat.

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3 Flared with crop top sweater

Go for all the looks with this outfitconsists of showing off your flared pants in the company of a flirtatious crop top knit sweaterthe goal is to discreetly show a little skin without losing all the glamour, elegance and poise of your style. You can accompany it with nice boots or tennis shoes to feel more comfortable.

Outif with flared denim pants and long-sleeved crop top

4 Style jeans with pink blazer

If yours is a formal style try your flared pants in combination with a blazer. If you have a pink one in your closet (if not, you can also use it with the color that is in your wardrobe) you can make a magical match by using it with a white dress shirt. Unbutton some buttons on the shirt to give your style a touch of sensuality and elegance.

 Jeans style with pink blazer

5 Short Flare Button Down Blouse

For lovers of fisherman pants this idea is perfect, from your closet take the most fitted dress blouse you have and show it off with some short flared. Complement your look with a pair of stilettos matching the color of your shirt. If you’re in a daring mood unbutton your walk to the middle of your chest for a look súper sexy and spicy.

Short flared with button down blouse

6 Black blazer with transparent blouse and flared denim

For you who are a number one fan of the look that Salma Hayek wore at Paris Fashion Week we have great news. You can recreate her look, look in your closet for the best pair of Bell bottom pants, your favorite black blouse with transparencies (this is what will give your style a touch of sensuality) and a black blazer. Accompany your look with a handbag and go out to succeed at a sexy and confident pace.

 Black blazer with transparent and flared denim blouse

7 Denim Jacket Blanket Flares

Within the outfits with flared pants we can find the comfy style, which, yes, is committed to providing the greatest amount of comfort, but can also provide a sensual touch. Especially if flares are worn with a pair of stilettos or a revealing smock top. Dare to wear this unique look, surely your wardrobe has many clothes that will go well with this style.

Flared blanket pant with denim jacket

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8 Denim Flare Long Sleeve Blouse

Who thought that the elegance of a demure look is zero sexy is wrong, highlighting the silhouette of your body will always provide that sensual touch and discreet that draws attention to your style. Dare to wear your favorite long-sleeved blouse (if it helps to highlight your attributes much better) and combine it with your flared ones. You can accompany your look with a wide-brimmed hat to also add a youthful touch with witchy style vibes.

Outfit with long-sleeved black blouse and flared denim pants

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9 Heathered Flare With Off Shoulder Bodice

for you who love him formal style the idea of ​​including in your closet some flared with marbled texture It will be the best investment you can make. These pants will allow you to combine them with any basic office shirt as well as flirty blouses. Try one with dropped shoulders, a boat neck or even a nice bustier, without a doubt this will be the element that will give the sexy hat do you look like.

Heathered Flare Off Shoulder Bodice

10 Denim Flare Balloon Sleeve Blouse

As we have already mentioned, the flared trousers It is a very versatile garment, so much so that it goes well with different accessories. One of them is the belt, so if you have one among your curiosities, run to use it! for a outfit With a seductive touch, bet on combining your flared skirts with a balloon-sleeved blouse with a high neck. The protagonist of this idea of outfit It will be your belt (with a large buckle it would be perfect) because this will be the one that will accentuate your waist by giving you a sexy figure for showing off on the streets or on the way to your office.

Flared pants with high neck blouse and rolled up sleeves

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