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10 outfits with long black boots that you can combine with a dress

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Surely one of the garments that you miss the most in the hot season are the dresses. If you, like us, have already made the mistake of recasting in the depths of your closet your dresses because you’re from the cold club and you don’t plan to wear them until spring, we have excellent news for you: it’s time to get them out! Review these ideas and discover how to wear them with long black boots and not die of cold.

10 outfits with long boots to look sexy in autumn

10 outfits with long black boots that you can combine with a dress

1 Sweater Dress

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The shaped dresses sweater they are the best you can wear this cold season, the yarn material with which they are made will allow you to stay warm during the day. In addition, most of them have the perfect length to show them off with long boots to the thighs.

2 Turtle Neck Bodycon Dress

Are you looking for an elegant and sexy look? Run her for a fitted turtleneck dress. This garment is perfect to withstand the cold days of autumn and winter while looking sophisticated and elegant. She adds accessories like glasses, a belt, a trench coat and, of course, thigh-high boots.

Outfit with tight dress with high boots

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3 Wine dress with wide sleeves

The wine color is one of the classics of the season Autumn Winterif you want to be ah hoc to the cold days while wearing a radiant look, do not hesitate to combine a wine dress with some long boots. In addition to giving you a sensual and elegant touch, its wide sleeves give an air of romanticism, making it a outfit perfect to go to dinner with your sweetheart.

Look with wine color dress with wide sleeves and long boots

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4 Playsuit style dress

For those who are fans of monkeys, the play suite dress It is ideal to accompany your long boots. You can opt for a print or plain in earth or neutral colors to give it the touch of the season and make it combinable with any accessory and extra garment. That is, if you plan to take a trench coat with your look, it is preferable that your playsuite is in a tone that matches the color of your shelter.

outfit with playsuite dress and long boots

5 White dress with oversize sweater

Contrast your look Combining white with black, this idea is perfect for a day at the office where you want to be dressed up but with a bit of comfort. The suéter oversize It will give you this perfect casual casual touch to see you dressed up without looking extremely formal. You can lean on a belt as an accessory that helps you frame your silhouette.

Look with white dress and black sweater on top

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6 Long-sleeved wine midi with trench coat

Los midi dresses they are the most precious and charming thing that exists, they bring an air of sophistication to any look and they go perfect with long boots. For these autumn and winter days, we recommend you go for a long-sleeved one to help you stay warm. Combine it with a trench coat in camel color and a handbag in black.

Look with a wine-colored midi dress with a trench coat and long boots

7 Fitted dress with pink cardigan

Los cardigan They are the quintessential garment of this season. Wear yours together with a beautiful fitted dress and your long boots. East look It’s perfect for a weekend outing or even a semi-formal evening dinner or event. highlight your outfit with a matching tote bag and be the life of the party.

Look with tight black dress and pink cardigan

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8 Printed dress with matching jacket

Los printed dresses they are our favourites, their striking colors and shapes make them perfect to wear in any season of the year. To give yours a touch of fall wear them with your waders and a vinyl leather jacket, make sure that this is the color of your dress so that they match and form a unique combination.

Look with green printed dress with matching vinyl leather jacket and long boots

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9 Flowered dress with hat

If witchy style is your thing, definitely in your closet there is at least one flowery dress. Take your taste and witch spirit to another level this fall and bet on a outfit witchy combining your dress with your long boots. No matter the flowers of the pattern or the length of the dress, this style allows both elements to coexist perfectly and you look fashionista and flawless.

Outfit with flowered dress long boots and hat

10 Loose black dress with knitted vest

In the same order of ideas following a bit the inspiration of the witch style, this idea is perfect to wear long black boots. East outfit consists of dusting off your prettiest flowing black dress and pairing it with a knitted vest. The plus of this look is the witch style hat that he will give all autumn vibes.

Outfit with a loose dress and matching long boots with a colored knitted vest

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