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10 outfits with paper bag pants for all body types

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the fashion of the high waist commitment to be a style that takes over the garments and outfits of autumn-winter especially in the style pants paper bag. Countless is the number of times we have seen these pants in the most fashionable celebrities, however, one of its recent exponents is the Mexican singer Dana Paola. If you still did not know this garment but want to look beautiful like a goddess Review these ideas with her.

10 perfect outfits for the cold that will make you look elegant in autumn

10 outfits with paper bag pants for all body types

What are paperbag pants?

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stylish pant designs paper bag They are characterized by being a high-waisted garment that includes a belt that creates a puckered effect similar to what we get when closing the mouth of a paper bag (hence its name) that allows it to stick to the waist and accentuate the figure.

1 Flared fisherman cut with turtle neck

In the market you will find thousands of shapes, textures and colors of paper bag, one of our favorites for the elegance they bring to a look is the flared. This shape goes perfect with a heeled sandals and a t-shirt or sweater with a turtleneck, for those girls who are short, although it also looks perfect on tall ones.

2 Long flared with long sleeve blouse

The flared shape of these pants will help you create the illusion of Hourglass so stretch your legs and accentuate your figure. If what you are looking for is a look to help you waist your body, this idea will be your best ally. To achieve this effect, we recommend that you carry out a correct combination (or contrast) of colors.

Outfit with long flared paper bag in shedron color

3 Striped with black bodysuit

The fabric with which paper bag they are made says a lot about your style, choose them thinking about your essence. Give a unique touch to your look wearing some paper bag super colorful. Stripes will be a great ally when defining a outfit to help you create a “slim” effect. This llo will be perfect for those girls with large hips who want to hide them. Provides a sexy touch by betting on wearing them with a lace bodysuit in black.

Outfit with paper bag with colored stripes and black bodysuit

4 Navy blue with long-sleeved striped shirt

Para a look Sailor style The paper bags are perfect, we recommend you go for ones in royal blue to combine with a long-sleeved striped shirt or blouse. The objective of this combination is to create an effect of Breast enlargement combined with “hourglass”, this is achieved thanks to the effect of amplitude that provide the stripes and the contrast in solid and dark color that will accentuate your waist. Complement it with comfortable white tennis shoes and you will have a unique look.

Navy Paper Bag with Horizontal Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

5Striped with cold shoulder crop top

To create a lengthening effect on the legs, vertical stripes will be your best friends in a pepper bag. Complement you look with a crop top bare shoulders to equip your outfit of style and elegance. If you are short, this idea is perfect for you.

Look with striped paper bag pants with an orange crop top

6 Denim with printed shirt

If your body lacks curves but you are looking for a look to help you style it, this idea is perfect. You paper bag denim will help you to give a lengthening effect that will be your ally when wearing a slender figure. Give this look a casual touch for your day-to-day with a printed t-shirt and go out to succeed in your daily activities.

Look with denim paper bag pants and a printed shirt

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7 Denim jacket and white T-shirt

Hide your little bag with this idea, it consists of combining your paper bag with a denim jacket long at hip height and a loose white shirt, eye! Make sure your shirt isn’t too long to prevent it from bunching up when you tuck it into your pants. Give it a casual touch with some white tennis.

Outfit with olive paper bags, denim jacket and white shirt

8 With a long-sleeved button-up blouse with a V-neckline

For you who have a small bust, this idea will fascinate you, it consists of accompanying your paper bag pants with a v-neck blouse of buttons, which will help create the illusion of volume on your chest given the style of the garment’s cut. Highlight your ecote with a nice necklace or choker and you’re ready to shine.

Outfit with V-neck button down blouse and shedron paper bag pants

9 With a short-sleeved shirt

The models of paper bag pants are perfect for the diversity of bodies that exist in the world, proof of this is this inspiration from outfit where you will highlight the elegance and presence of your style. Accompany your pants with a short-sleeved shirt in linen or silk, combine it with sneakers stilettos in nude color and complete your look with a handbag to match your style.

olive green paper bag pants outfit with white short sleeved shirt

10 Knit Sweater Skirt

The style paper bag It is not limited only to pants, it also includes shorts and skirts, so as a last recommendation we bring you this look with paper bag flap perfect for an outfit fall Accompanied by some stockings (or leggings to protect your little legs from the cold) and a beautiful knitted sweater, all in a color combination of fall.

Outfit with brown suede skirt and white or cream knitted sweater

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