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10 outfits with white leggings that will make you look very wintery and not like a girl

10 outfits with white leggings that will make you look - 10 outfits with white leggings that will make you look very wintery and not like a girl

Do you remember the white leggings you wore to school in winter? Well, what do you think, now you can also use them as an adult in incredible looks that will help you look sophisticated, elegant and stay warm. Do you want to find out how to achieve outfits with white leggings without looking childish or girlish? Stay to discover it.

8 outfits with black tights and sneakers to stay warm this winter

10 outfits with white leggings that will make you look very wintery and not like a girl

1 Oversized knitted blazer and sweater

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The protagonist of this outfit is without a doubt the oversize blazer with a coat texture as it brings a lot of elegance to the look. To recreate it, we recommend you go for the Shein BIZwear lapel-neck plaid print blazer ($547 mxn), a good knitted sweater that protects you from the cold like the DAZY soft knit dropped-shoulder sweater from Shein ($654 mxn), and of course your pair of white leggings from DZSbestdeal ($274 mxn available on Amazon).

Outfit with white tights and oversize blazser

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2 Black trench coat and midi dress

For a look that gives off a touch of sensuality, you can bet on wearing your white leggings with a beautiful long black trench coat. This will give a unique contrast to your look as well as help you look elegant. Bet on the Urbanic patchwork print long-sleeved polyester trench coat ($732.80 mxn), of course your leggings with a print from Shein ($80 mxn) and as an accessory a flirty beret ($ mxn available at Shein).

outfit with white tights and black trench coat

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3 Worsted dress with sweater

In the line of sexy outfit to wear this December is this idea that, in addition to being flirtatious, will make you look super elegant. To recreate it, you’ll need a white tight-fitting worsted dress like Shein’s tight-fitting knitted model with wooly trim ($608 mxn). Remember that the sensual touch and what will be the protagonist of your outfit will be your pair of leggings, bet on the model of stockings with a bow pattern from Shein ($110 mxn).

outfit with white pattern leggings and white woolly dress

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4 Pet Dress and Teddy Sweater

A sophisticated style is what awaits you with this outfit to recreate it you will need your leggings, a mascot or houndstooth dress and a white furry jacket. To burn off your look, we recommend you bet on the Eilly Baza open front teddy coat from Shein ($530 mxn), the Unicolor mesh stockings from Shein ($80 mxn), and the SHEIN Bodycon Dress with Houndstooth Print with Contrast Neck SXY ($340 mxn).

outfit with midi dress and white plush bag with white leggings

5 Midi dress with cape coat

Without a doubt, with this outfit, in addition to being elegant and sophisticated, you will attract the attention of everyone in your path. Recreating it is simple, you only need a pair of white leggings like the 1200D lined teddy from Shein ($134 mxn), and the Double-breasted Cape Coat with cape sleeves from Shein ($593 mxn), a good pair of loafers and of course a cute beret ($90 mxn available at Shein) to give your outfit a more chic style. If you’re not such a daring girl, bet on wearing a black midi under your coat like Shein’s unicolor sweetheart neckline tight-fit dress ($175 mxn).

outfit with cape-style coat and white leggings

6 Long pet print blazer

In this outfit, sophistication is the protagonist and this time instead of wearing your warm leggings you will resort to some sexy stockings with a pattern that you will accompany with a long blazer that will be the perfect complement for a heart-stopping look. We recommend you bet on the model with an opening by Shein ($80 mxn) and the Blazer with tweed plaid buttons by Shein ($654 mxn).

Outfit with white leggings and long blazer

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7 Blazer, turtleneck and kilt

For a slightly more formal occasion, this outfit is perfect. Recreate it using the Shein EZwear tartan ruched skirt ($323 mxn), the Shein 1200D teddy-lined leggings ($134 mxn), matching the unicolor knitted turtleneck sweater from Shein ($268 mxn), and the Shein Dropped Shoulder Cardigan with Button Front ($603 mxn).

Outfit with mini Scottish skirt and white leggings

8 Tweed set with loafers

Achieve an elegant, winter and sophisticated look with this idea. To recreate it, you will have to resort to the Shein unicolor ribbed turtleneck jumper ($268 mxn), the Shein 1200D lined teddy leggings ($134 mxn), and the Shein shirtless tweed button-front coverall dress ($419 mxn).

Outfit twees set with white mllas

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9 A-line long coat the dress

Nothing screams “winter” more than a good coat, especially those that are A-line or dress-shaped. To recreate this highly elegant outfit, we recommend you resort to Shein’s 1200D teddy-lined leggings ($134 mxn), the Hooded Coat Double-breasted unicolor with ruching from Shein ($930 mxn). Complement with a unicolor minimalist beret from Shein in beige ($90 mxn) and some cute low-heeled shoes.

A-line coat with white leggings

10 Houndstooth mini skirt with blazer and high neck

Another look that yes or yes you should recreate this winter for an elegant, youthful and very sophisticated look is this one. To achieve this you will need a long black blazer, a mini skirt with a houndstooth print in red tones, and a high-necked or turtleneck shirt. We recommend you bet on the Shein Felegant checkered slit hem skirt ($128 mxn), the Shein Felegant unicolor coat with buttons ($663 mxn), and the Felgant red turtleneck top available at Shein ($166 mxn). Of course, she’s wearing Shein’s 1200D lined teddy leggings ($134 mxn) and a black beret to give it a more elegant touch.

outfit with tights, mini skirt and blazer

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