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10 sexy outfits to party this winter and not die of cold

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December is characterized by being a super busy month sociallyWe love having gatherings and parties almost every weekend (and we know you do too), that’s why we decided to bring you these party ideas. outfits for parties in winter that will help you get super hot to the party and without a hint of cold.

10 outfits with a dress to look elegant and warm this Christmas

10 sexy outfits to party this winter and not die of cold

1 High waisted jeans and high neck crop top

You may think that jeans are a garment that you would not wear to a party at all, dear, correct that mistake because with the perfect accessory they can become your best ally to look sexy y to this for a holiday party. So take from your closet your favorite pair of high rise jeans and combine them with a beautiful Turtleneck Crop Top Sweater, this will keep you warm while you wear an incredible look. complement your outfit with a long boots to add a touch hot to the set.

2 Flannel dress with stockings

A super warm fabric (and one of our favorites for the cold season) is undoubtedly flannel. Bet on wearing a dress of this material at your next meeting. You can wear it with stockings, leggings (if you are too cold) or long boots to protect yourself from the cold. Complement with an accessory that provides heat such as a beanie or scarf.

3 Black blouse with A-line skirt

Las cut skirts A They are one of the favorites of the season, especially if the material with which they are made is corduroy, because accentuate the waist and create the visual effect of increasing the hips. Bet on wearing one with a long-sleeved cotton blouse or even a thin-knit sweater. Play with colors and textures, with socks and comfortable shoes to achieve a outfit of ten.

Outfit to party in winter with skirt, stockings, ankle boots and black blouse

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4 Overalls dress with turtleneck sweater

The plaid, tartan or tweed print Without a doubt, it will be what we will see the most this December season, which is why we invite you to try it to carry one of the best outfits for parties in winter. Try to choose a flirty garment like a overalls style dress that will give you a touch of sweetness without neglecting your sexy side. To protect yourself from the cold try the combination with a turtleneck sweater.

Outfit with overalls dress for parties in winter

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5 Off-the-shoulder sweater with jeans

for a look casual but that will not make you lose the style bet to reach the Christmas dinner with an outfit that includes jeans and a knitted sweater. Be careful, not just any sweater but one of Fallen shouldersThis detail will add a lot of sensuality to your style without committing yourself to suffering from the cold.

Outfits with jeans and a sweater on the shoulders for a party in winter

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6 Oversized sweater with long boots

Another favorite garment of the season, without a doubt, is the suéter oversize whose structure allows us to wear it and wear it as a dress. You can include in your outfit stockings or leggings to protect your legs from the cold or simply accompany with a pair of long boots for a style fatal Woman. If you still feel cold, complement it with a wool hat.

Outfit with oversize sweater for party in December

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7Plaid Skirt With Long Sleeve Blouse

We told you that one of the prints that you will see the most in Christmas will be the Scottish, that is why we invite you to show off in your December’s holidays outfits that include this material. To achieve a look sexy go for a matching mini skirt with long black boots and a matching long-sleeved blouse.

Scottish miniskirt look with long boots for party in winter

8 Palazzo with teddy jacket

The palazzo It is one of our favorite garments because it is a set Super stylish that will get you out of a thousand troubles when the phrase “I have nothing to wear“. Bet on showing it off with a stuffed jacketthis will keep you super warm while you shine chic y fashionista.

Outfits with palazzo para fiesta winter

9 Culotte with black shirt

Another of our favorites (of the whole year) because it brings elegance, sophistication and sensuality to the looks without a doubt is the culotte, bet on wearing one in your parties this winter and you will see that you will succeed as the best dressed of the night. Pair it with a nice blouse or shirt to respect the air of distinction characteristic of this pair of pants, or with a nice knitted sweater to protect you from the cold.

Outfit with culottes and black blouse

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10 Teddy Trench Coat Dress

If what you are looking for is to outshine your look, you should definitely bet on wearing a fitted dresswe recommend you bet on characteristic colors of the season: green, white, gold or red, the latter will be the correct option for a outfit sexy, Christmassy and unique. Accompany with a teddy trench coat to protect you from the cold and wear a look to the Jessica Rabbit.

Fitted red dress with teddy trench coat

Ideas to arrive sexy at dinner:

7 outfit ideas with stockings to stay warm and look sexy this December season

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