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10 yellow makeup ideas to look perfect in autumn

10 ideas de maquillaje amarillo para lucir perfecta en otoño

The fall It is the most precious time of the year because in its color palette there is a color that can be used within our makeup. If you, like us, are a fan of yellow makeupstay and see these ideas that will help you inspo to recreate looks or create new ones, always with the aim of seeing yourself more beautiful than you already are.

7 perfect makeup ideas to look sexy this fall

10 yellow makeup ideas to look perfect in autumn

1 Yellow with glitter

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This idea is for you who have a unique style, who when putting on makeup you seek to risk everything and bet on looks unique and artistic. To recreate it you need to resort to one of our favorite palettes of yellow tones: Banana Fetish Palette of Jeffree Star Cosmetics (available at Our Secret Beauty $1,575 MXN). Accompany with the glitter colo 21 of Bissu (disponible en Sally Beauty).

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2 Outlined in tear

This idea allows you to wear a super look aesthetic, if your thing is to show off discreet minimalist but highly elegant makeup, this idea is definitely for you. The idea is to apply with a yellow eyeliner touches of color in the “V” of the tear duct of the eye. To recreate it we advise you to use the Tintaline for colored eyes 02 DJ-Yellow Neon of Bissu (Available at Bellissima $65 mxn).

Minimal yellow eyeliner on the corner of the eye

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3 Yellow outlined

If you are a fan of look cat eye but black is a boring color that does not go with your essence and style, the best idea is to reinvent it with a striking color and to this to the season as yellow. To achieve this look we advise you to resort to liquid eyeliner in color Amarillo Latte of Naturone (disponible en Sally Beauty $31 mxn).

Yellow cat eye liner makeup

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4 Yellow with illuminator

If you are a fan of bling-bling and the highlighter this idea will fascinate you. With a mango yellow color blurred on the mobile eyelid you are going to apply a touch of highlighter on the inner part of your fixed eyelid to give life and shine to your eye. The shade that we recommend Four Twenty Palette of Melt Cosmetics (available at Nuestro Secreto Beauty $1,521 mxn), with the highlighter Mineralize Skinfinish of MAC (available on their website $769 mxn).

Makeup with yellow shadow and illuminator on the eyelids

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5 Shading up to the fixed eyelid

A very daring look but that gives a super girly and tender look is this. It consists of taking the shadow of the mobile eyelid to the fixed eyelid or bone of the eyebrow without applying another transition tone because the magic of this makeup is to blur until the shadow is lost in the upper part of the eyelid. The shadow that we recommend using for this look is the Eye Shadow Chrome Yellow of MAC (available on their website $419 mxn).

Yellow shadow makeup blurred up to the eyebrows

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6 Outlined graphic

Graphic eyeliner is one of the trends we love the most, if your look and style include words single y bold this other year yes or yes you must try this makeup. To achieve this, we advise you to use the liquid eyeliner color Canary yellow of Natural Girl (available at Bellísima $39 mxn) for a precise and super pigmented eyeliner.

Graphic outlined in yellow

7 Blurred with foxy liner

For you who are looking for a cute look but with a touch of sensuality this makeup is for you. On a yellow shadow base you are going to make a outlined glued to the lash line extending the stroke outside your outer V to give an effect foxy to your gaze To achieve this makeup we advise you to use the shadow Lemon Drop from Jawbreaker Palette of Jeffree Star Cosmetics (available at Nuestro Secreto Beauty $1,575 mxn), and the eyeliner The Color Pen Eyeliner in tone 137 Yellow of 3INA (available at Shepora $390 mxn).

MAKEUP with faded yellow shadow and outlined foxy in yellow tone


8 Cut crease

With this makeup the protagonist of your look it will be your look This idea consists of applying a yellow base accompanied by a cut crease that will help draw attention to your basin, resulting in an intense gaze and large eyes. To do this we advise you to use a palette containing neutral tones like the ones in the palette 9 Colors Shadow Palette of Mind (available at Nuestro Secreto Beauty $232 mxn).

Cut crease on eyes over yellow eyeshadow

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9 Yellow Foxy Eyes

Who said that a seductive look could not be achieved with yellow. East makeup bet on one feline look super sexy with a striking touch that provides the yellow color located in the mobile eyelid of the eye. Try this look with the help of the Goals Goals Goals Eyeshadow Palette of Sugar rush (available at Tarte Cosmetics $503 mxn).

Foxy Eyes with yellow shadow in eye socket

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10 Lilac & Yellow

For the girls who bet on cheeky looks that combine striking colors in a unique way, we recommend this makeup. On a base in mustard tone blurred on your eyelid and basin you are going to apply a lemon yellow color. Accompany with an outline foxy style in lilac or lavender. To achieve this look we recommend using laBFF4EVR – MVPalette Superstar of KimChiChic (available at Nuestro Secreto Beauty $1,035 mxn), and the Colour Excess Gel Pencil Eye Liner of MAC in tone Commitment Issues (available on their website $429 mxn).

Lavender outline on yellow shadow

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Tell us what other colors you love to wear in your makeup:

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