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15 apps to install on your new phone right away

15 apps to install on your new phone right away

When setting up a new smartphone, it is extremely difficult to immediately remember absolutely all the necessary applications that should be installed on the device. Each of us first of all downloads instant messengers and social networks, and then the turn comes to our favorite toy that brightens up long trips in public transport – there is no point in reminding about such applications. But there are utilities that are not used very often, but when they are needed, you can’t do without them – this article is just about them.

File manager

Any Android device has a file manager out of the box, but manufacturers preinstall utilities that are too simple and by no means convenient – these can be comfortably used only to open already downloaded files, but if you need to work with them, it is better to get a full-fledged analogue. Good file managers also have a built-in archiver.

  • X-plore – one of the oldest, but at the same time multifunctional utilities, the only drawback of which is an outdated and slightly confusing interface.
  • «Sh Provodnik» – a program with all the main functions, distinguished by a visual storage analyzer (shows which files and categories take up the most space in memory).
  • Total Commander – many years ago, this file manager became famous largely due to the two-pane navigation, but since then it has not lost its popularity, but only increased it thanks to a storehouse of useful functions (including plugins).
  • ASTRO is an ideal program for those who appreciate a simple and uncluttered interface, but do not want to give up useful features like an archiver and file converter in favor of very simple applications.

Office suite or reader for PDF and books

If your work or study is at least somewhat connected with computers, be sure that one day you will be sent some document to a conditional Viber that you urgently need to read. The probability of encountering PDF files is even higher: online stores often send checks in this format, and medical laboratories send research results in this format. In order not to try to download at least some program at the right time (which will definitely come across a paid one or with a trillion advertising banners) or not to send the file to your computer, it is enough to download the necessary utility once and for all.

  • Microsoft Office – a universal application from Microsoft, and that says it all. But can be downloaded separately Word, Excel or PowerPoint. It is worth considering that now all these programs require a Microsoft account.
  • “The documents”, “Tables” and “Presentation” from Google – analogues to applications from MS Office, distinguished by simplicity and an emphasis on cloud synchronization.
  • WPS Office – the most popular alternative to office suites from IT giants, which has a huge user base and supports working with PDF (unlike the competitors described above).
  • Reader Library is a lightweight yet versatile reader for reading e-books in all popular formats (PDF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, RTF, HTML, DJVU and many others).
  • Acrobat Reader – a program exclusively for working with PDF files (from Adobe, which created this document format).

Video player

Every smartphone has a system “Player” by default, but if you are going to watch videos longer than 30 seconds on your phone, then it is better to get a third-party video player. It is not only most often more convenient and functional (from adjusting the brightness to setting subtitles), but it also simply supports more formats.

  • VLC – the most popular, multifunctional and omnivorous player, distributed completely free of charge and without ads.
  • MX Player – a player with all the necessary functions, distinguished by an interface editor (you can remove unnecessary buttons from the control screen).
  • FX Player – a popular utility for those who need to fine-tune video playback and, in particular, adjust subtitles (location, color, size, etc.).
  • Nova Video Player – one of the few players, all the functions of which are available for free and without ads (the best option for those who do not need too bloated functionality).

Map service or navigator

You can also find out the way from point A to point B through a search engine that will open the web version of conditional Google maps, but the application is always better and more convenient. In addition, modern mapping services can work without the Internet (albeit with limited functionality) – for this you need to download a map of the desired city in advance.

  • “Google Maps” is the largest map service in the world that accurately calculates travel time.
  • “Yandex Maps and Navigator” – the best map service for Russia (according to many users) with unique features like building routes for the future or searching for places by meaning (“a cafe with a beautiful view of the river”).
  • “2 GIS” is a popular alternative to maps from IT giants, which is not inferior to them in terms of city detail (but not available in all regions).
  • – one of the oldest mapping services with informative maps that can be saved to the device’s memory.

VPN service

VPNs have many uses—for example, they can keep you safe when using suspicious open Wi-Fi in public places. Most VPN services are either paid-only or with very annoying restrictions in the free version – if you urgently need a VPN, it is unlikely that you will be able to quickly find the right application. It is better to think about it and test programs in advance.

⚠️ In the current realities, the performance of VPN services is constantly fluctuating, so test the selected one after downloading (or better, install several at once).

  • ProtonVPN – one of the most famous services with an average pricing policy and the availability of a free plan (with speed limits and the number of servers).
  • Speedify – one of the most inexpensive, but at the same time high-speed VPN, which also has a free tariff with a limit on the amount of traffic (2 GB).
  • — a simple service with no traffic restrictions, but with a speed limit for users without a subscription.
  • ZenMate – VPN service with servers optimized for watching videos and downloading files via the torrent protocol.
  • CyberGhost – a service with an emphasis on privacy, whose developers are not afraid to reveal their identity (almost the only ones in this segment of utilities).

Translator or dictionary

Even without a sudden meeting with tourists from Nigeria, you may still need to translate something – for example, some kind of inscription (surely everyone has come across a notification in English about an incomprehensible error). Of course, any search engine has its own translator built into it, but the Internet is not always available (the main thing is not to forget to download the language pack). In addition, you may need the function of translating text through the smartphone’s camera – it is available only in mobile clients.

  • “Google Translate” is the most popular translator in the world with support for all functions, including voice recognition through a microphone and inscriptions through a camera.
  • “Yandex translate” – a domestic alternative, which, according to many reviews, works better in conjunction with the Russian language.
  • DeepL – not very famous, but one of the most accurate translators, taking into account the nuances of languages ​​​​and the subtlest shades of polysemantic words thanks to artificial intelligence (because of this, it only works when connected to the Internet).

Caller ID

It’s not a must-have utility – it just improves the user experience. Caller ID uses the huge records catalog of the service that provides it, and signs the caller’s number if it finds a match in its database. Such applications are needed not only to protect against phone scammers and advertising bots – it’s convenient just to know that you are calling, for example, a doctor from a clinic or a manager from an online store.

  • “Yandex” – one of the largest caller IDs in Russia is built into the main Yandex application, you just need to turn it on.
  • “2 GIS” — a cartographic service, which also has a built-in caller ID (only establishments that are on its maps are recognized, but there are plenty of them in supported cities).
  • Truecaller – the world’s most popular caller ID, which was created just for this.

Companion for smart devices

Marketers tirelessly talk about how cool it is to remotely change the color of a light bulb or control the power of an air freshener, but often smart devices are configured only once, and then they work according to the set parameters all the time (turn on at the same time, change the power according to the same set parameters). triggers, etc.). When switching to a new smartphone, you can completely forget that the light bulbs in the living room, the heater in the bedroom, or the water leakage sensor under the tap have a companion app. If you are reading this article while setting up a new gadget, then download the program accompanying your smart devices right now.

Photo and video editor

We must pay tribute, some manufacturers equip their smartphones with really good galleries with functional photo and video editors – if you need to tweak the brightness, change the contrast or paint over some area, this can be done in a few seconds. But not everyone is so lucky – if your smartphone does not have anything like this, it is better to download at least a simple photo or video editor in advance. They do not take up much space, but they will definitely be needed sometime.

  • Snapseed is one of the most functional yet free photo editors with a simple interface that has been owned by Google for several years.
  • Photoshop Express – a simplified mobile version of Photoshop, optimized for smartphone touch screens.
  • FaceTune is a photo and video editor designed primarily for face correction.
  • Picsart — a combine application for editing photos and videos for posting on social networks with overlays of inscriptions, stickers, filters and more.
  • Videoleap – one of the easiest to use, but at the same time functional video editors for smartphones with all the necessary free features (but there are also paid ones).
  • Adobe Premiere Rush – almost a complete utility for editing video directly on your smartphone, with support for overlaying multiple tracks and everything else you need.
  • CupCat – one of the simplest, but full-featured editors for preparing videos for posting on social networks.

Taxi service
discount service
Post office
Food delivery
Online Store Companion
Cell phone client

All these are applications that are very rarely needed, but when they are still needed, they have to be downloaded. Sometimes with a terrible Internet, sometimes right at the checkout, sometimes in a wild hurry – but you have to. You will greatly facilitate your task if you download them immediately when setting up your smartphone. Just do not forget to log into your accounts, because sometimes you need not only to press one button, but also to link a bank card.


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