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5 easy Halloween makeup ideas: step by step and fast

ideas maquillaje facil halloween - 5 easy Halloween makeup ideas: step by step and fast

If you want your makeup to stand out or you are looking for a great accessory for your look, we will tell you step by step how you can achieve simple costumes that will make you look very pretty. take a look at these 5 Halloween makeup ideas easy with Avon tutorials.

10 Halloween makeup ideas if you don’t have a costume

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

1 Mariposa

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If you want look cute and sweet You will love this option, because with the help of pink, blue and purple eyeliner, you will achieve your goal. You must spread a little pink shadow on your eyes and with your purple eyeliner draw a butterfly wing in the corner of each of your eyes. Tip– Decorate your hair with various butterfly barrettes to look like a magical creature from a fairy tale.

2 Neon Catrina

Sf you want to be a different catrina, this is your best option. First gel your brows and fill them in with a shade to match your color, then apply cream shadow underneath to your eyelids, cheekbones and temples. With the help of the line Color Trend, draw the neon color details on the lips, nose, neck and cheeks. With white eyelineror, you can do light effects. Concludes with mascara and fixative. make-up.

3 A vampire

If you just want to look creepily sexy, this make-up Is waiting for you. Use a foundation one or two shades lighter than your skin, then contour your face. Apply lipstick and blush stick. Then apply liquid highlighter on your eyelids, nose and cheeks. For the eyes you can use your make-up conventional by adding with a black eyeliner, a bat design on the tip of your cat eye. Use purple matte lipstick, apply mascara, define and brush your eyebrows, seal with a fixative.

4 Cleopatra

Can you imagine becoming for one night the queen of Ancient Egypt? You can achieve it in the following way: Use your colored eyeliners as shadows, it can be blue and yellow to give it a vibrant touch. With the black eyelinerexperience some Egyptian design in the lower part of your eye, you can have curved tips, double lines and even some color combination.

5 Sirena of the head

If yours are beingslions of fantasy, you can make up like siren. The first thing you should do is place the base, comb and fill in the eyebrows. With your pink, purple, blue and emerald eyeliners, you should apply and spread them on your cheekbones and cheeks. To achieve that flaky effect, place cream shadow on a net, to give texture to your skin. To finish, apply color on your lips, mascara and fixative.

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