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5 home remedies to combat chapped lips in cold season

5 home remedies to combat chapped lips in cold season - 5 home remedies to combat chapped lips in cold season

The December season has arrived and with it the days of extreme cold that probably do a little damage to our lips. If you, like us, are from the chapped lips club and are looking for a solution to remedy them, girl, you came to the right place. Stay to discover the best tips, advice and home remedies for chapped lips that we bring to you. Are you ready to show off some moisturized and beautiful lips this cold season?

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5 home remedies to combat chapped lips in cold season

1 Apply Vaseline before putting on makeup and at bedtime

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Vaseline is an age-old remedy that is the solution to many skin-related conditions. So that you don’t suffer from chapped lips this winter, we recommend applying a little to your lips before applying makeup, this will help keep them hydrated and protected all day. To ensure your protection, also apply it at night at the end of your skin care routine.

Use Vaseline for chapped lips

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2 Remove dead cells with warm water

The little skin that sprouts on our lips is usually dead skin, which is why an infallible remedy to avoid chapped lips is to remove them with a washcloth moistened with warm water. Place it on your lips and leave a few seconds for the steam from the heat of the water to loosen the dead skin, being very careful not to hurt it, make circular movements to remove those little skins with the help of the towel.

Remove dead skin from your lips with water and a towel.

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3 Natural exfoliant to remove skin

Another of our favorite home remedies for chapped lips is to exfoliate to help you remove the little skin that causes irritation. You will need ½ tablespoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of honey, and a small piece of mashed papaya. This exfoliant will help you eliminate and prevent small skin, as well as leaving a soft and smooth texture. Remember to remove it with water and at the end apply a few drops of almond to hydrate them.

natural scrub for dry lips

4 Stay hydrated

Although this is not a remedy as such, it is the number one tip that you should take into account to combat chapped lips. Remember that the appearance of little skins is due to dehydration of the body and when they appear is when we begin to bite and suck on our lips, causing our lips to split. Avoid this whole chain of consequences by keeping your body hydrated.

Moisturize your body to avoid chapped lips

5 Apply Vitamin E on your lips

Another infallible remedy to cure chapped lips is to apply a little vitamin E on them. Take a vitamin E capsule (you can use the brand you want) and with the help of a clean and disinfected pin make a small hole, gently spread the content on your lips as if you were applying a balm or lipstick. Try to apply it only at night and rinse the next morning.

vitamin E for dry lips

The best products to protect your lips this winter season:

Take care of your skin during this cold season

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