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5 looks with Nike tennis for women

5 looks with Nike tennis for women - 5 looks with Nike tennis for women

Surely you have a pair of Nike women’s tennis shoes that you don’t know how to use. Do not worry, precious, because today we bring you some ideas so that you can put together a look of ten with these outfits with sneakers and go out with the best style of the course, are you ready?

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Outfits that you can put together with Nike tennis shoes for women

Boho style

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This style allows us to wear a relaxed, formal, elegant and very youthful appearance (which is why it is also one of our favorites). To achieve this you will have to include some oversize garment, a hat, a pair of jeans and of course your Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Mid ($2,699 mxn) which are that basic footwear that yes or yes we must have to wear with this and other looks.

Boho outfit with Nike tennis for women

Image: Alena Shekhovtsova/

Look Casual/Formal

A casual look will always be our best ally for the office. Bet on including high-waisted jeans and a semi-formal blouse to give your appearance a serious and sophisticated touch. Combine your outfit with some Nike Court Legacy Leopard ($1,599 mxn).

Nike tennis for women with casual outfit

Image: Omoda/

Traje Oversize

For girls who always opt for a formal look, the perfect footwear to accompany a good oversize suit is tennis shoes. They provide an urban and youthful but very sophisticated look. Bet on wearing this look with some Nike Blazer Low Platform ($1,724 mxn).

Oversized suit with Nike sneakers for women

Image: Mikhail Nilov/

Street Style

One of our favorite clothing styles is the street because, in addition to being comfortable and versatile, it is capable of giving us a very youthful and fresh look. This trend is perfect for wearing a good pair of Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low sneakers ($3,299 mxn) to match the colors, textures, and shapes of our garments.

Nike tennis for women with street outfit

Image: Gabriella Csapo/


This style is characterized by combining the use of sportswear with casual or daily wear. Tennis shoes are the perfect footwear to complement this look that seeks to highlight our personality and essence, try the athleisure style with Nike Dunk Low Disrupt 2 ($2,699 mxn) and become a fashion icon.

Nike tennis for women with athleisure outfit

Image: Eliza Alves/

Outfits with white sneakers

White tennis shoes are a basic shoe that many of us have in our wardrobe. Why do we love them? Because in addition to being super comfortable (because they are perfect for a busy day) they are very noble footwear, that is, they go well with any outfit, garment and style.

Sports look

And it is that one of our favorite ways to wear them is in the company of a very sporty look. This style is perfect for a morning walk, a hot spring or summer day, or even going to the gym. You can wear them with biker shorts, a sports crop or a white cotton t-shirt to match an oversize unbuttoned shirt.

sporty outfit with Nike tennis

Image: Anna Shvets

Formal style

If, on the other hand, you usually go for more formal/casual outfits, a super successful idea to use your white tennis shoes is in the company of fisherman jeans or culotte pants. You can complement this outfit with a dress shirt and a blazer.

formal outfits with tennis

Image: Diana Titenko

outfit with dress

Another of our favorite ways to wear white tennis shoes is as a complement to a dress. This garment is one of our favorites and it doesn’t matter if it’s a short, long, flowered, smooth, strapless or sleeved dress, it will always look good with this shoe.

outfit with dress and Nike tennis for women

Imagen: Hai Nguyen

Definitely the looks that can be achieved with Nike tennis for women are extremely inspiring. We are sure that after this info you will put together a good outfit with them. Do not forget to tell us how it went and what is your favorite way to use them.

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