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5 outfits with tennis and wide pants to wear on Sunday

5 outfits with tennis and wide pants to wear on - 5 outfits with tennis and wide pants to wear on Sunday

Yes, we love the weekends that we can get up late and wear comfortable and warm pajamas but we also love having plans and going out. If this weekend you are going to set up a date or outing with your friends, check out these outfit ideas with tennis shoes and wide pants that will help you look incredible and super comfortable.

5 outfits with white tennis shoes that will make you look arranged in the office

5 outfits with tennis and wide pants to wear on Sunday

1 Tennis and wide pants with crop top

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Wide leg pants are one of our favorite pieces of clothing, the looseness of their design allows us to be comfortable and fresh. They are also the perfect company to wear with a crop top thanks to their cut at the waist. If in your closet how many with both garments, dare to combine them with your favorite pair of tennis shoes. You will get a youthful and ultra comfortable look.

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Accessories that can go well

The style that you achieve with this outfit is perfect to accompany with accessories that will give your look a plus, we advise you to bet on fine gold bracelets, a sports watch and, of course, a beautiful golden chain around your neck. This will help you look elegant, with a sporty but super feminine touch.

2 Tank top with wide leg pants

Another good option to combine your sneakers with wide pants*** is a tank top. This idea is perfect for the upcoming spring days if you are looking for a fresh, feminine and very elegant look. Bet on a satin or lace shirt to give a sexy touch to your look, you can even try a bustier.

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Accessories to complement

Chokers will be your best choice as an accessory for this look, bet on a discreet design to achieve a perfect match between your outfit and your sexy and fresh look. Bet on some small earrings to match the choker and fill the fingers of your hands with rings, of course do not forget to complement with a good manicure. If you ask us, the glazed nails will go super well with your look.

3 Wide leg pants with blazer and crop top

The fact that it is Sunday does not mean that you should not look groomed, sophisticated and beautiful (more than you already are), so bet on wearing those beautiful pants in the company of a blazer. This will give your look a touch of elegance without losing comfort (thanks to your tennis shoes), this idea is also perfect to wear on a day at the office so you already have a tip to wear on Monday, beautiful. Do not forget to complement your look with a crop top or a white tank top.

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Try wearing it with these accessories

A sophisticated look like this would be perfect with a bracelet or chain on your wrist accompanied by a ring on your index finger. Remember that nails are also a nice accessory, our recommendation is natural nails (take advantage of the fact that they are in trend) or aura nails.

4 Long-sleeved T-shirt with sneakers

We love long-sleeved shirts because they are a basic that goes well with any outfit and this time is no exception. Whether you choose asymmetric cut sleeves, with a sweetheart neckline or a bathtub neckline, these will look perfect in your look of pants and tennis shoes.

outfits with long-sleeved t-shirt, tennis shoes and wide-leg pants

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The perfect accessories for this look

This look is perfect to go on a Sunday for coffee and a healthy plan, so try wearing it with a backpack-style bag, perfect for carrying basic things on your way out. If you want to let your hair rest from the iron, bet on accompanying your look with a ponytail with a clip.

5 High or turtle neck

Another basic that yes or yes you should wear with this outfit is a turtleneck if what you are looking for is an elegant appearance (or if you are very cold). As we already mentioned, the characteristics of wide pants make it perfect to wear with short tops, although long garments are also a great ally for this look.

outfits with high neck, tennis and wide pants

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The perfect accessories?

A baguette-style bag in a neutral color, pearl earrings with a matching necklace to wear it over a turtleneck, a simple hairstyle with a headband for an old money look and if it’s a cold and rainy Sunday, complement it with a trench coat.

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