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5 outfits with white Converse for women

5 outfits with white Converse for women - 5 outfits with white Converse for women

If it is about iconic footwear, the white women’s Converse are an emblem that should not be missing in your wardrobe. They are casual, they look clean – if you take care of them, of course – and they have a vintage touch that gives you instant style. And the best? There are an infinite number of ways to use them. Here we give you five outfits with white Converse that never fail.

Converse with a full outfit in whites and beiges

The vanilla girl trend –which is based on outfits in light neutral tones and a relaxed style– is going all out, and is the perfect excuse to wear a model like the Chuck 70s. Jeans and a knitted top will give your sneakers a refined touch, without losing the casual spirit that characterizes them.

Complement with:

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Some earrings and a finite necklace, both in gold. That will give a sophisticated touch to a look that would sin flat without accessorizing.

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Outfits with converse women

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White Converse with a midi dress or skirt

Combining sneakers with dresses is an infallible way to be comfortable and feel cute at the same time. However, it must be admitted that not all sneakers work visually. In order not to err, your white Converse will be your best allies.

Complement with:

A colorful bag that’s the pop of contrasting color for your sneakers.

chat with dress

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Women’s Converse with ripped jeans

This look is perfect especially if your jeans are light blue or black. Torn pants and neat white tennis shoes are the perfect example that opposites attract. While the pants give a casual and rebellious vibe, the classic white sneakers neutralize it, with a much cleaner touch.

Complement with:

A top or a sweater. Depending on the color, this will add versatility to your outfit. A black sweater will give it a grunge touch while a beige one will create a cozier look.

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white women's converse

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Converse with folded pants and a bomber jacket

For a more tomboy look, nothing like combining your sneakers with hemmed jeans and a bomber jacket. Extra points if you complement with socks in an attractive color; just look for them not to have figure prints so as not to steal prominence from your sneakers.

Complement with:

A silver chain necklace for a rude touch or jewelry with colored beads and figurines for a nineties twist. If that’s your plan, you can also wear a bucket hat.

converse with pants

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Converse with dress pants

Who says sneakers only go with jeans? Wear them with dress pants, and you will see that it will be your new favorite combination. The key is that the pants are slim and that they fit a few centimeters above the heel. For the top, opt for a t-shirt in a neutral tone and a leather jacket or blazer.

Complement with:

A delicate necklace and a red manicure. Those details will add a bold touch to your look.

white converse

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