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5 Reasons High Hips Shouldn’t Come Back

5 Reasons High Hips Shouldnt Come Back - 5 Reasons High Hips Shouldn't Come Back

The 2000s were a decade characterized by fashion: pastel and colorful clothes, skirts, velvet garments, thin eyebrows, little horns in their hair and hip pants, remember them? Well, they’re back, and below we’ll tell you the reasons why we think they shouldn’t return to our wardrobes. Do you want to know them? Stay to discover them.

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5 Reasons High Hips Shouldn’t Come Back

1 They Are Not Friendly To Body Diversity

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We know that this is a beautiful garment and there are girls who wear it in an incredible way, however, its design is not very friendly with real bodies. That is to say, they are not a comfortable or flattering garment for all of us who have a diverse body; A lot has been fought to recognize and respect the existence of diverse bodies, that not all of us have the same body characteristics and unfortunately the return of this fashion threatens to return the idea of ​​clothing to zero sizes.

5 reasons why hip pants shouldn't come back 0

2 They’re Awkward

The design of these pants includes a very small waist that causes discomfort in the intimate area when wearing them. In addition, the closure that these have can be a bit dangerous for those girls who wanted to wear them without underwear to prevent it from peeking out, because yes, another great defect of the cut at the hip is that the chones are not designed (mostly). to show off with this garment. This of course is super uncomfortable and another super reasonable argument for these pants to NEVER return to stores.

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3 They bring out the fatties

As we told you about the fashion industry for a long time, I create clothes for stereotyped bodies and these pants are the product of that vision. That is why for those people who fought for the recognition and acceptance of diverse bodies, the return of this fashion is not the best news in the world. Due to its design, this garment causes the chubby parts of our body to come out causing discomfort and our prayers so that the high waist never disappears.

hip pants take out chubby

4 You need to have a good waxing in the bikini area

Back in the 2000s, wearing this type of pants at the hips was synonymous with wearing a shaved bikini area that was almost perfect because the waist of these pants is so short that our little hairs would be peeking out and although today we know that body hair is a reality and something completely normal, it is not comfortable for everyone to remove it or show it off.

hip pants in the 2000s

5 You can’t go out without a belt

Yes, the belt should be a complementary accessory in an outfit with these pants, yes or yes you had to wear one. Because the inseam of its design is very short, you needed something to ensure that your clothes would be in place all day, that is, the belt was not an accessory, it was the object that prevented them from falling down more than necessary.

hip pants with belt

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Things of the 2000 that we thanked for his return:

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