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5 shoes that will be in trend this fall

5 zapatos que estaran en tendencia en este otono portada de fb - 5 shoes that will be in trend this fall

To spend the days of autumn, what better than wearing the most in of the season, so that they accompany us in the most pleasant and comfortable where we take them. We can put together great outfits with this type of shoes that we will recommend you to use with the seasonal colors and also combine them to the places you go. Are here 5 shoes that will be in trend this fall 2022

10 elegant and comfortable autumn shoes that are not heels

5 shoes that will be in trend this fall 2022

1 Flats

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On office days, flats will always be ours best friends, because they are those formal shoes that make us feel comfortable. And we compare them with the high-heeled shoe in a matter of relating it to something formal, so in the same way when hearing the word flats we know that we can take it to the office. There are different models, choose the one that suits you best.

2 pointed boots

Of course, boots should not be missing from the fall shoe list. They are the main ones and they look the best, you will see sexy, sophisticated, and above all they will warm your feet, even if you bring a mini skirt, the boots will be of great help. What better than using them with an exclusive pointed design to make it look more provocative.

5 shoes that will be in trend this fall- pointed boots


3 samba tennis

These sneakers are ours favorites for thousands of reasons, its design, creativity, originality and above all its comfort. They have become our favorite sneakers to wear either in the spring or in the fall. Use them with skirts, pants, dresses and shorts. Here the joke is to know to combine with the clothes you wear that day.

5 shoes that will be in trend this fall- tennis samba

Caleb Souza

4 Moccasins

It’s one of the best shoes elegant and they are suitable for use on these dates that are approaching where a lot of family gatherings and also with friends come. In the same way you can take them to the office or on a casual Sunday when you go out to eat. They will also protect you from the cold, use them as leather.

5 shoes that will be in trend this fall- loafers

vogue mexico

5 swedes

There was a time when the Swedes were fashionable and now they have returned stronger than ever. We can wear them with either baggy or straight jeans. The perfect color to use is beige, camel and brown, and better if you get them with a wooden sole you will give a very special touch to autumn and you will be a innovation.

5 shoes that will be in trend this fall- Swedish

vogue .com

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