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5 tips to buy a long coat that makes you look elegant

tips para comprar un abrigo largo - 5 tips to buy a long coat that makes you look elegant

Winter is very close and with it comes the time to bring out our best items Decembers to create fashionable and warm outfits that protect us from the cold. Of course, in this equation, one of the main pieces of the season is the coat. If you want to buy one but you don’t know which one, we share 5 tips to buy a long coat that matches everything.

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Today there are so many types of coat that making a selection becomes a titanic task, because in addition, we must take into account the occasion for which we are choosing them. Don’t worry! Nor is it about filling your entire wardrobe with options of all colors, textures and for every occasion. You just have to find a couple good quality basic parts that give game to multiple combinations. Take note!

5 tips to buy a long coat to look elegant

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1 Prioritize quality

We know it’s expensive to keep up with fashion, however, when it comes to choosing coats, it’s a must prioritize quality versus trends of the moment. Consider making a good investment for this type of garment, since the time it lasts will depend on this, as well as the appearance it gives you. And if it’s out of your budget, you can always turn to platforms like Voperohere you will find second-hand clothes in excellent condition, this because they have one of the stricter quality filters. Dare to try, you can find discounts of up to 70% and even new garments with tag.

2. Coats for shorties

Contrary to popular belief, below-the-knee coats are great for shorter people, as they create an optical illusion of lengthening the body. you should just avoid oversize or very baggy models and choose those pieces that mark your silhouette with folds or belts. A great option are trench coats or raincoats.

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3. The importance of materials

It is common to fall into the temptation of choosing a coat solely for aesthetics, leaving aside utility and material. Don’t do it! Remember that this garment should be thick enough to cover you from the cold. We recommend you opt for coats of wool, cloth or sherpa (borrega)you can also choose slightly lighter fabrics but with a good internal lining.

5 tips to buy a long coat that makes you look elegant


4. Elegant shelter

One of the tips to buy a long coat to look elegant is that within your choice of basics, you should consider at least one jacket or coat towelsince this will be your wildcard for formal occasions like work parties or special events. Opt for neutral colors like black, gray, white or marsala.

5 tips to buy a long coat that makes you look elegant


5. Coats to conceal or accentuate

Los buttons They are one of those details that can make all the difference. The only thing you should keep in mind is that these attract the eye to the area where they are placed, so they can be a tool for accentuate or conceal body part.

5 tips to buy a long coat that makes you look elegant


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