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5 Trends From The 2000s We Don’t Want To Return

5 Trends From The 2000s We Dont Want To Return - 5 Trends From The 2000s We Don't Want To Return

We love you so much in the 2000s for your romantic movies, your movie stars, the sweetness of the leading ladies, the incredible music and everything you gave to pop culture and our childhood (or adolescence). But what we will never, EVER, miss is your fashion. Unfortunately (and to quote the oh no! oh no! oh no no no no!) this year threatens to bring some 2000s trends back. Do you want to know what they are?

5 Reasons High Hips Shouldn’t Come Back

Trends of the 2000s that we do not want to return

1 pants to the hip

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We have already told you the reasons why hip pants should not return to the fashion industry. This time we are calling on you to avoid following it, because the use of this garment, far from highlighting the beauty of our real bodies, threatens to make us feel insecure and uncomfortable due to its extra-short waist design. We swear to you that we are in a prayer chain so that they do not set foot in clothing stores again.

hip pants trends of the 2000s

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2 The thin eyebrow

In addition to the fact that removing the hairs in this area is extremely painful, performing this eyebrow design can be detrimental to your natural eyebrow, this is because the hair is pulled out by the roots, hurting the follicle, causing it to bury itself or stop growing. the same way. Release the tweezers and let your little hairs grow naturally.

Trends of the 2000 thin eyebrows

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3 The return of sizes 00

Extremely thin bodies are the current trend that was born in the distant decade of the 2000s. Figures like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian have been in charge of bringing back this unreal canon of beauty, which we have added to this list due to the multiple negative consequences that it could provoke. And it is that it is not correct to talk about the bodies of these celebrities (or anyone else’s), because if they feel comfortable following this trend we have no reason to comment, however, what we should point out is the concern that this could be make it a health-threatening goal by causing eating disorders for wanting to achieve a lean body. Let’s not forget that clothes have been created to fit us and not the other way around.

2000 trends zero sizes

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4 Ballerinas

Although they were currently baptized as flats, we knew them as bellerinas, do you remember them? And while we love their fresh take on a low-key shoe that’s become a classic, we pray that 2000s ballet flats are a thing of the past. Why? Because most of the designs gave us a childish look, some were not comfortable due to the thin sole of their design and could slip off our feet if they were slightly too big for us.

5 trends of the 2000s that we do not want to return 3

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5 Baguette Bag

Sis, don’t get us wrong because we love bags so much, but baguette bags are not exactly our favorite. And it is that its size, far from being practical, is a bit uncomfortable. Especially because of its design with tiny handles that are often difficult to place over the shoulder, and its size, since its interior would not allow us to carry with us everything we need for a day of activities. So if you are from Hermione’s infinity bag team, this fashion will definitely not be your favorite.

5 trends of the 2000s that we do not want to return 4

5 reasons not to use thin eyebrows, the fashion of the 2000s that is back

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