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5x foods that have a bad influence on your skin

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You spend a fortune on skin care, but you continue to suffer from pimples and other impurities. Does this sound familiar? It is sometimes said that glowing skin starts from within. That’s how it is. The right care, beauty treatments and all kinds of creams do of course contribute to a beautiful appearance, but your diet can make just the difference. The saying “you are what you eat” didn’t just come out of the blue. There are a number of foods that really have a bad influence on your looks. Think of refined products such as sugars, junk food and trans fats, but also sneaky bastards that you may not even expect. I’ve checked them out for you. Try to avoid the products below from now on, if you want to enjoy beautiful, radiant skin for as long as possible!

Watch your diet

To maintain a healthy, beautiful and radiant skin, it is important to pay attention to your diet. Some foods are linked to skin problems. Of course, it differs per person which food can cause worse skin. However, there are a few foods to mention that turn out badly for a lot of people. For example, fries and donuts are obvious, but there are more foods that are bad for your skin and you should therefore avoid them. You will find them listed below.

1. Milk

“Milk is good for everyone”, is often said. Still, milk is not healthy for your skin. Milk can be full of added growth hormones, which remain biologically active even after pasteurization. This can cause skin problems such as increased sebum production and subcutaneous inflammation, resulting in pimples, among other things. A troubled skin is in most cases caused by your body having difficulty digesting the components milk sugar and milk fat. This can also translate into other annoying complaints. This also applies to skimmed milk. It has even been found that skimmed milk had a worse effect on the skin than full-fat milk. Organic milk or the plant-based variants can be a good alternative, as they only contain naturally occurring hormones.

2. Healthy Breakfast Cereals

The supermarkets are full of “healthy” breakfast cereals. Unfortunately, these breakfast cereals are often less healthy than you might think, due to the amount of sugars they contain. And this is not only bad for a slim body, but also for your skin. There are even breakfast cereals for sale that contain such a high sugar content that they are even close to candy, they are unhealthy. It is therefore advisable to read the ingredients list on the packaging carefully before buying breakfast cereals or bars. Whole grain breakfast cereals, for example, are a better choice than the “white” varieties because of the glycemic index. So you know what to do the next time you’re in the supermarket.

3. Rice cakes

Another example of food that you always thought are so healthy is rice cakes. Nothing is less true. This snack may be good for the diet and tasty, but were you aware that they also cause significant spikes in your blood sugar level? This can cause premature wrinkle formation and of course we don’t want that. The simple carbohydrates of rice cakes are processed by your body in the same way as sugar, because they are converted into glucose. And when it does, it breaks down your collagen, our primary wrinkle fighter. This will make you age faster. The same goes for other “healthy” snacks, such as Liga, Sultana and Snelle Jelle. They are all sneaky sugar bombs and anything but healthy.

4. Agave Syrup

Sweet syrup also turns out to be less healthy than we thought. However healthy it may be on paper, syrup remains syrup. Agave syrup often even contains more fructose than corn syrup. And that’s really a lot. Excess fructose is converted into fat by your liver. It also breaks down more collagen than sugar. That healthy choice to replace sugar with agave syrup is therefore not so good for your body and your skin. This may well be the reason for those emerging crow’s feet and wrinkle formation.

5. Candy

Winegums, liquorice, chocolate…I love sweets. Delicious, but unfortunately it is not so good for our skin. Even if you don’t snack on a daily basis, you still unnoticed more than you think. As with the aforementioned diet, sugar is also the culprit here. A rise in your blood sugar level causes an increased secretion of sebum in your skin. In addition, they degrade elastin and collagen, which keep your skin young, supple and soft. Moreover, snacking is counterproductive, because you only feel like snacking more. And that is why the vicious circle is immediately complete. Unfortunately, healthy alternatives such as figs and dates also cause hormonal fluctuations, which you see in your skin. pull? Then go for red grapes, radishes, a protein bar or a handful of almonds.

Which food is healthy for your skin? You will read that here next time!


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