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67tool Instant Tools More than 240 online tools, editing and converting videos, music, pictures, files

67tool Instant ToolFounded in 2020, it mainly provides some gadgets that will be used in work,The feature is that all functions are online tools, users do not need to download, install software or register an account, which brings higher efficiency to workthe website development team considers that the quality of online tools on the Internet is uneven, there may be too many advertisements, and the paid unlock function is not effective, so they decided to develop related tools and integrate all these functions on the same website. There are more than 240 kinds of online tools, and it is expected to expand to more than 400 kinds in the future, and is committed to creating a more versatile online office toolbox.

Various problems can be quickly solved through real-time tools, such as video, music, picture, file format conversion (conversion) or editing, these functions can be used directly in the browser, for those who want to solve problems temporarily but do not have suitable software. Said very helpful.

The online tools included in 67tool Instant Tools are divided into ten categories:Video tools, audio tools, image tools, file processing, file conversion, data graphics, office aids, text tools, digital tools, encryption tools and unit conversionall have a Chinese interface, which is easier to operate. According to the website description, 90% of online tools use new HTML5 features to achieve offline use, without uploading to a remote server for off-site processing, which is more secure in terms of security and privacy.

Similar online toolsNot recommended for files that are too private, private, or require high securityit has no effect on general files.

67tool Instant Tool

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When you open the 67tool real-time tool website, you will see various featured tools listed on the homepage. There are currently 241 tools with more than 2 million usage times. First, find the “Hottest” category to see the hottest features currently on 67tool.


Most people use 67tool real-time tools including PDF to text, image compression, video cropping, online recording screen, image enlargement, video conversion, color design, image editing, what to eat (so as to solve the problem of not knowing what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner) Problems), audio extraction from video, audio format conversion, and image OCR are all office tools that users often use.



Briefly introduce the functions of two 67tool online tools, one of which is “video format conversion tool“As the name implies, it is to convert the video to other formats. The video part supports batch upload, up to 2 GB, and can convert more than 50 kinds of MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, FLV, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, WMV and GIF, etc. Format, drag the original video to the web page, select the format to be converted, and then convert the output.


The conversion speed is quite fast. After the conversion is completed, click “download” button to save the new video format, and if multiple videos are converted in batches, you can download them all at once, compressing all the videos into a single file.



Another online tool that is also classified as the most popular “Image Compression”, which can reduce the image size without reducing the size of the image. Through the compression method, the resolution difference can even be invisible to the naked eye. It supports batch compression of up to 20 images at a time, and can also adjust the image compression. Strength, zoom ratio, compressible image formats PNG, JPG, and a single image cannot exceed 20 MB.


If you are not satisfied with the compression results, you can go back to the web page to adjust the compression strength and scaling ratio. After compression, there will be image sizes and percentages before and after compression. After processing multiple images, you can click “Download package“Package all pictures into a compressed file format for one download and save.



Others include audio tools, file processing, file conversion, data charts, office aids, text tools, digital tools, encryption tools and unit conversion. The functions are very complete and should be able to solve various work or daily life problems. Friends who are interested Add to bookmarks.


Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. 67tool Instant Tools includes more than 240 online tools that can be used without downloading or installing software
  2. Divided into ten types of video tools, audio tools, picture tools, file processing, file conversion, data charts, etc.
  3. Not recommended for files that are too private, private, or require high security


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