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7 Foods To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control.

eating healthy fiber food

 High blood pressure affects the body’s blood flow. Kidney problems, heart problems can be caused by the effects on the body’s blood vessels.

Here are some food to lower your blood pressure :

Black Grapes

  • Patients with high blood pressure are asked to eat Black Grape. Because it contains high levels of flavonoids, it eliminates heart problems from the body. Eating it daily lowers the antioxidants in it.


  • It regulates blood pressure and reduces stress on the arteries and heart.

milk and yogurt

  • Milk contains high levels of calcium and vitamin D. It lowers high blood pressure. According to the National Health Survey, drinking a glass of milk a day reduces blood pressure by one-third.
  • Drink cold yogurt every day on dry days. Drinking yogurt keeps the body hydrated and blood pressure regulated.


  • Eating bananas on an empty stomach. It is high in potassium, and eating one banana a day provides 1 percent calcium, 6 percent magnesium, and 12 percent potassium.


  • Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides , and reduce inflammation. In addition to these fishes contains vitamin D.

Olive oil

  • It contains polyphenols, which are inflammation-fighting compounds that can help reduce blood pressure.


  • Red Beetroots are high in nitric oxide, which can help open your blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

hope you love this article, keep eating this food to control your Blood Pressure

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