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7 hairstyles for short hair for your Halloween party

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the season of Halloween gives us the most incredible costumes, styles, makeup and characterizations, however, investing in an impressive costume is not feasible for many of us, especially when we have short hair and most of the characters we want to dress up as use abundant hair. If you, like us, suffer from this, you came to the right place, because we found the perfect costumes to wear hairstyles for halloween short hair.

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7 hairstyles for short hair for your Halloween party

1 Lydia Deetz

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This iconic character from the movie Beetlejuice (1988) will be your ally when it comes to finding a costume with short hair. the hair of Lydia It has a particular shape, it is not completely curly or wavy, that is why to achieve that texture you will have to braid your hair before dressing up, leave the braids for a long time and then undo them. That effect of undone braids is the one we are looking for. Brush to give it volume and once you are satisfied lift it by half very high ponytail just the top of your hair. You can make a bun or use bobby pins to give it that messy touch on top. Pull out a few small strands to achieve her iconic pompadour and voila!

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2 Betty Boop

If you are a fan of retro you will love this idea. be characterized as this sexy cartoon from the 30s is very simple, you just need a red strapples dress, its iconic heart garter belt and a cabello super easy to do. The first thing you should do is divide your hair in half, protect it with a heat protector and with the help of a iron or tongs thin you are going to lift the ends of your hair. Remember to mark well towards the ends to give it a touch of pin-up.

Betty Boop costume for girls with short hair

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3 Coraline’s “Other” Mother

If your hair follows the long diagonal bob cut we have the perfect costume for you: the dreaded and evil “other” mother from the fantasy world of Coraline. The hairstyle for this characterization is SUPER easy. You will need a good heat protectant for your iron and a hair fixative. Divide your hair down the middle and start straightening it in small sections as we need a perfect straight. Once satisfied with the result, take a section of the upper back part and make a little crepe to give volume to the upper part and voila!

Long Bob Diagonal Cut Hair for The Other Mother's Costume

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4 Cleopatra

Achieving the characterization of this magnificent woman will not be an easy task, especially in the makeup because you are going to require a lot of preparation and improvement time. However, hair is another matter and achieving a egyptian style hairstyle It is one of the easiest tasks that you will have to perform with this costume. With the help of your trusted heat protector and your iron, take small sections of cabello and begin to straighten them, once satisfied with the result, divide your hair in half and adjust it. fixed with fixing spray and finish decorating with an Egyptian-style accessory such as chains or hair jewelry.

Straight hairstyle on short hair for Cleopatra costume

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5 Mia Wallace

A super iconic moment that he gave us Pulp Fiction (1994) was to see Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) dancing with Vincent Vega (John Travolta), it is from this fragment of the film that the inspo for this costume is obtained. With a simple outfit, made up of a white shirt and black dress pants, getting into Mia’s skin will be easy. To get your iconic mane you will need your iron, your heat protector and a lot of courage to cut straight bangs. With your iron you will smooth perfectly all your hair, however, instead of doing an even straightening, you are going to put the iron on the ends to form an inward wave. Carry out this process with all your hair and fix it so that it lasts all night.

Mia Wallace costume with short hair

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6 Vilma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo

what better costume for halloween to characterize yourself as a member of the best team to solve mysteries. Achieve an appearance similar to that of Vilma It will not be a difficult task, the key is in the outfit mainly chosen in orange pieces, a pair of rimmed glasses and of course a straight hair. To achieve it you will need your iron, heat protector and a fixing spray; Divide your hair in half and with your flat iron perfectly smooth all your hair creating a wave at the points. That is, do not iron straight, take your iron and before reaching the ends move it inwards.

Vilma's hairstyle with short hair for Halloween costume

7 witch

One last thought from hairstyles for halloween short hair to achieve a perfect costume is witch. We couldn’t let go of the Halloween night without disguising yourself as one, that is why if you are a fan of these mythical and powerful beings, this is the perfect time to accommodate your hair under a sombrero. The only thing you will have to do is straighten your hair curving the tips inwards or create slight waves that you will decorate with a wide-brimmed hat. Now you are ready to succeed together with your hair and hairstyle. spooky night.

short hairstyle for witch costume

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