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7 mental changes to achieve what you want

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We are always in constant movement, in constant change, it is the law of life, we never remain static, but many times we do not know what we can do, what we can take into account and how we can achieve that the changes in our lives are a reflection of what we we really want.

Although there is no magic or perfect formula, because we are all different, reading various authors, entrepreneurs and organizations such as Deep Patel, the American Psychological Association and the Magician More, I found different opinions and options that we can adopt to achieve what we want. we propose and dream.

Being constantly learning, thinking positive and being grateful are some of those changes or habits that we can adopt; Below, we present these and other changes that will help you.

Think positive

Being more optimistic and having a more encouraging outlook on life will improve the way you experience life; having a negative inner dialogue with ourselves will not help us at all. Negativism does not let us move forward, so to move forward and achieve your expectations you have to think positive.

When you see yourself thinking negative, wake up and change the speech, cut those negative thoughts in the bud. Convince yourself that you are going to succeed and that you are going to achieve your goals.

For the American Psychological Association Being constant in our positivity and never losing hope is key to achieving our goals: “An optimistic vision allows you to expect good things to happen in your life. Try to visualize what you want instead of worrying about what you fear.

Visualize what you want (have a list of dreams) and commit to yourself

Imagine the best scenario of a situation that you want to change and go for that goal, act in that direction. You can write your goal on paper and even stick it somewhere you see every day. Make a plan, stipulate each step you must take to achieve it.

Commit to developing everything you need to do to achieve each step and move forward to the change you want. You can develop a plan to do something daily or weekly. Schedule the steps and do the homework!

When you are developing your plan, record all new ideas. Staying focused on your goals will motivate you to generate new ideas to reach your goals.

For him Mago More, writer of Superpowers of success for normal people’, in an interview with BBVA it is essential to have a list of goals and commit: “It is important to have a list of dreams, of things you want to do… Things that make you get up in the morning . For me, it is essential to have a list of dreams. And what I do is that I am fulfilling those dreams little by little. Two years ago, I ran the New York marathon, which was unthinkable, because I went from not being able to walk to running. Whenever I can, I try to set dreams for myself. And they are like little obligations of things that I feel like doing. I think that life is about that, life is about having illusions. As Narosky said: «The greatest illusion is to continue having illusions».

Leave out of your plans everything that does not make you feel good and what does not help you get what you want

Put aside the things that are not important, that distract you, that cause you stress and that take up your time. Don’t let your mind get muddy with negative thoughts or things you don’t want for yourself.

Be consistent with what you think, want and what you do. Deep Patel, founder of the wellness brand Penguin CBD, explained for the publication Entreprenur that in order to achieve what you want, it is also important to ask yourself: “What makes me feel bad? What am I wasting my time on?

Get to know yourself and unleash your inner strength

Patel also says that realizing your true potential is key, and acknowledging that you have talents and abilities, in order to unleash your inner strength and recognize your inner mettle. The businessman concludes that: “You have more strength, courage and resistance than you think. Realize that you are capable of many more things. If you can bring out your inner strength, you manage to push yourself and achieve even the impossible.”

Keep it up

Take action and develop each step of the plan that you propose, that will help you build your self-esteem and your will. Give yourself little challenges. Successes are not going to rain down on you from the sky. If you don’t move towards the goal, it will always be the same distance away.

It is key to keep moving towards our goal, even if you fail, you will eventually succeed if you keep moving forward. The key is to constantly make adjustments and take action

To move forward it is essential that you take advantage of the day and do not wait for things to happen or for the most favorable conditions to occur or for inspiration to enlighten you, have willpower and take constant steps towards your goal, this will also help you create habits.

learn every day

Try everything you want to do, there is the key to everything. This will help you to be continuously learning, learning and learning. And the best thing is that you can do it gradually.

As they say out there: “Get out of your comfort zone”, you need to get out of your comfort zone and open the door to new learning. New experiences and exposing yourself to different things and things you’ve always wanted to do will give you valuable information.

Do not forget that it is important to plan and take constant steps, without a doubt you will learn day by day and you will advance towards what you set out to do.

be consistent

For the American Psychological Association, being constant regardless of the circumstances is very important: “You cannot give in to laziness or discouragement, you must move towards your goal as regularly as possible. If every day you mentalize yourself to achieve your goals, this attitude will become part of your personality”.

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