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7 perfect makeup ideas to look sexy this fall

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The characteristic cold of this season makes us want to avoid contact with frozen water as much as possible and many times we opt for a look natural or washed face. Although it is true that with any look that you choose you look beautiful it never hurts to give us a little cat hand. Don’t let the cold prevent you from looking radiant and check out these ideas of makeup to look sexy on cold autumn days.

5 simple steps to create a natural monochrome makeup

7 perfect makeup ideas to look sexy this fall

1 Makeup with peach tones

To achieve this super natural look let’s resort to the new Mauve Palette of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $950 max.). The first thing we are going to do is prepare the skin and moisturize it, once this step is covered we begin to work with the eyes. With a fluffy brush for eyes you are going to apply a little of the color Love To See It especially your eyelid. Try to blend perfectly to give it a natural finish and apply a second layer only on the mobile eyelid to highlight the pink tone. Since we want to achieve a natural look, this is the only step you are going to take. To finish your makeup apply your favorite base, a little blush and a lip gloss.

2 Dramatic makeup in bronze tones

The bronze color is one of the favorites for the fall-winter season, so resorting to this range for makeup to look sexy is the best decision. To achieve this we will use the palette The Bronze Palette of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $950 max.), as transition color apply Mocha Latte all over the eyelid, to give depth to the eye, apply the tone with a floffy brush Brunette between the socket and the mobile eyelid at the end of your eye. With your finger take a little She’s Golden and apply to touches in the central part of your eye and in the direction of the tear. Finish off with your foundation, blush, and mascara.

3 A sensual look in brown blur

Another favorite fall color is brown and all its variations. Highlight the beauty of your eyes while giving a touch of sensuality and tenderness. from the palette The Bronze Palette apply the color Unmatched especially your eyelid, try to raise the color to the height of the eyebrow. Blends perfectly with a brochita fluffy. With this same brush take a little Brunette and apply on your mobile eyelid trying to blend and blend both colors perfectly. Apply your base, a little brown blush and finish with a nude matte lipstick as the tone. Ginger of Matte Liquid Lipstick of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $450 mxn).

Eyeshadow in shades of brown

4 Golden eyes with black eyeliner

The 90s eyeliner trend is making a comeback, join the trend and wearing a perfect makeup in gold color will be easy thanks to The Bronze Palette. with the color Brunette we are going to give depth to the eye, with a fluffly brush make up only the area of ​​the eye socket, try to lengthen and raise the color towards your temples to give your look a feline touch. Once you are satisfied with the result apply She’s Golden especially your mobile eyelid with a cat’s tongue brush. To outline the waterline of your eye, use the Matte Black Gel Eyeliner of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $420 mxn), and ends with ultra-shiny lips with the Crystal High Gloss of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $430 mxn).

Eyes with gold shadow and black eyeliner

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5 Thick cat eye with brown shadows

This makeup will give a touch of sensuality to your look with a heart-stopping cat eye. To achieve this, apply the tone Take Notes of The Bronze Palette of Kylie Cosmetics cWith a brush blending perfectly to the socket of your eye. With the blurring technique you are going to apply the tone Unmatched of the same palette and you will go up the color little by little until you manage to integrate it with your base tone. Draw a thick, dramatic line along the lash line with the Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pen of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $460 usd). With a fine brush apply a little Pop Off from The Bronze Palette of Kylie Cosmetics in the tear duct and finish your makeup with foundation, blus and lipstick.

Cat eye in brown shades

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6 Metallic eyes with a natural look

If what you are looking for is a makeup that gives you a natural look, bet on this idea. With a cat’s tongue brush, apply only the tone on the socket of your eye. You’re Welcome from Mauve Palette of Kylie Cosmetics, it is important that you do not raise the color beyond the basin. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara, then finish with your base, a little color on your cheeks in the tone Pink of Pressed Blush Powder of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $480 mxn) and you’re ready.

Metallic eyeshadow with a pink undertone

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7 Reddish brown makeup with nude

How about you bet on a look completely in earth tones? To achieve this makeup use the color Chestnut from Mauve Palette of Kylie Cosmetics, this shade will be your base so blend perfectly. To give your eyes a bit of depth, apply a very light touch of Brunette of The Bronze Palette of Kylie Cosmetics just in the corner of your eye. Make a color blur in the lower part of your eye with the same color and finish with your base, blush and a touch of the tone Khlo$ of Matte Liquid Lipstick of Kylie Cosmetics (available in Sephora $450 mxn).

brown eye makeup and nude lips

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