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7 quick and easy catrina aesthetic makeup ideas

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finally came the Day of the Dead! and that means that the moment to show off our best makeup from catrina it arrived. If, like us, your beans also burned because the Day of the Dead will arrive to be able to wear a heart attack makeup. Check out these ideas aesthetic catrina makeup that in addition to being simple and quick to make, will make you the queen of the night and of costumes.

10 easy and modern catrina makeup to show off this 2022

7 quick and easy catrina aesthetic makeup ideas

1 Catrina with white pearls

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To achieve this idea you will need a white liquid eyeliner. You can use the Blanco matte of Naturone (Sally Beauty $31 mxn), pebbles and decorative pearls (in Mercado Libre you can find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors). Prepair your little face like you normally do To make up, apply shadow in earth colors to simulate the hole that the skulls have. When you have skin and eyes ready you are going to start the catrina outline on your face, this consists of making figures, flowers or lines. If you do not feel confident about drawing directly with the eyeliner, use a pencil of the same color to mark lines and you only have to highlight them. Finish decorating with the pebbles and pearls.


2 Catrina in neon colors

For a night meeting this makeup will be perfect to make you shine. To recreate it you will need to cover your entire face with white shadow, we recommend the individual shadow in tone moon reflection of Bissu (Beautifull $48 usd c/c). with individual shadows Violet y Fuchsia of Bissu (available at Beautifull $48 mxn each) you are going to draw a circle around each eye and fill in by blurring and integrating both tones. With the help of liquid eyeliner Naturone (available at Sally Beauty $31 mxn each) in the colors deep purple, VIP Pink, neon orange y Amarillo Latte start making strokes, figures and lines that simulate the teeth of your skeleton, decorative flowers or details to bring your design to life.

Neon catrina makeup


3 Catrina in yellow palette

To achieve this idea you will need the shadow quintet Good vibes of Bissu ($60 mxn Bissu Store), the eyeliner Naturone in color Amarillo Latte (available in Sally Beauty $31 mxn), your favorite black eyeliner, and a highlighter of your choice. Start by making up your face as you normally do with foundation and contours. When you get to the part of the eyes you are going to lean on your shadow quintet giving depth in the basin with the orange color and applying the yellow with a cut crease technique in the part close to the tear duct of the mobile eyelid. Once you are satisfied with the result, take your eyeliners and start making strokes and figures that decorate and give life to your version of Catrina. Don’t forget to frame the eyes, nose and smile.

Catrina makeup in yellow


4 Goddess Catrina

Achieving this look is super easy, you will only need a white eyeliner like the one Blanco matte of Naturone (Sally Beauty $31 mxn), a golden shadow or highlighter as the tone Pegasus of Bissu (Beautifull $51 mxn), and a gold liquid eyeliner like the color Bling of Bissu (available in Beautifull $65 usd). Apply your makeup base on your face as you normally do, with a fluffy brush take a little of the highlighter and apply it on the socket of your eye, go up to the eyebrows and cover your little eyes as well. With the white eyeliner you are going to form the bica of your catrina, you can make a traditional smile of stripes or make something more elaborate as in the image. Take your gold eyeliner and make small dots and discreet figures on your face. Finally, with the highlighter and a flat bit, draw the nose of your catrina.

simple catrina makeup


5 Catrina with diamonds

diamonds are the trend of the year so if you want to be the best catrina bet on this idea. Its realization is simple, you are going to apply your makeup as usual and with the help of a blush like the Raspberry of Bissu (Beautifull $51 mxn) you are going to highlight under your cheekbones, apply a little on the forehead and on the sockets of your eyes. With a little cream applied to small touches, place a little on your mobile eyelid. glitter facial of Bissu in tone 04 (Beautifull $23 usd). To finish, apply on your face, nose, mouth and eye contour. decorative pebbles so that these replace the lines that form the face of the catrina (in Mercado Libre you can find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors).

Catrina makeup with facial stones


6 Catrina with white and gold stones

If you want to be a super elegant catrina, this idea is the one you should recreate. Its elaboration is SUPER simple, you need a white eyeliner like the Blanco matte of Naturone (Sally Beauty $31 mxn) and a gold one, you can choose the gold one Bling of Bissu (available in Beautifull $65 usd). Start by making up your face as usual, apply neutral tones to your eyes as shadow. Take your eyeliners, first with the white one, and mark two circles around the sockets of your eyes and decorate them with petals or curves, design the shape of the nose, apply more petals on the forehead and chin, and with the gold one draw contours, lines and other details.

simple catrina makeup


7 Catrina Rebel Queen

For you who are looking for a rebellious and simple style to obtain this Day of the Dead you will love this idea. With the help of the quintet Good vibes of Bissu ($60 mxn Bissu Store), fill in your eye socket with the orange shade. Once this process is finished, apply yellow shadow in the form of small circles all over the edge of your basins. To finish your look, mark contours, details, lines and strokes with the help of your favorite eyeliner. Don’t forget to draw the nose and mouth. Now you are ready to look amazing as catrina.

simple catrina look


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