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9 Best Google Drive Clients for Linux in 2023

One of the top contenders for cloud storage is Google Drive, a popular cloud storage app that allows you to securely store and access data from your Google account.

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, Google Drive does not yet have an official client for Linux. If you’re a Linux user, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a Google Drive client or alternative.

Best Google Drive Alternatives for Linux in 2023

Our list focuses on the best options, with brief details on how each might work for your Linux system. Here are the best Google Drive clients for Linux in 2023.

1. Insync

Insync is one of the best Google Drive alternatives for desktop clients on Linux. The widely used app is a feature-packed copy of Google Drive with options to do just about anything, just like in Google Drive. With it, you can sync multiple accounts, share files, and receive desktop notifications.

In addition, Insync provides advanced Symlink-enabled synchronization, allowing users to browse local file directories. It also offers a limited trial after which users can explore additional features through paid packages.

Key Features of Insync:

  • Provides users with a graphical and command line interface for smooth operation.
  • Allow full access to all Google Drive file formats.
  • Compatible with all file formats, including file formats in LibreOffice.
  • The offline access feature allows you to access your files even when you are not connected.
  • Made for Ubuntu but compatible with most Linux distributions.

2. GoSync

GoSync is another alternative ranking among the best Google Drive clients for Linux. The Python-based app has a simple graphical interface that works similar to the regular Google Drive app.

Once inside, users can sync files and share documents between cloud storage and local directories. Sharing and transferring files is also secure, and encryption is made possible with support for AES encryption.

Key features of GoSync:

  • Supports secure file transfer with AES encryption.
  • Ensures full file integrity with SHA-1 checksum function.
  • Allows automatic synchronization every 10 minutes.
  • Advanced sync options with simple pause and resume features.
  • Synchronization of multiple folders with the ability to edit.

3. OverGrive

OverGrive is also a great choice for those who want to enjoy the features of Google Drive but work on a Linux desktop. The Linux application allows users to enjoy features such as file synchronization, document sharing, and converting files to various formats.

OverGrive also supports major Linux desktop environments, making it easy to install on various Linux distributions. The Linux desktop environments that make overGrive available are KDE, XFCE, Unity, and Gnome Shell.

OverGriv Key Features:

  • Sync multiple files from different locations.
  • Automatic sync feature for all local files and Google Drive files.
  • A conversion feature to convert Google Office files to other document formats.
  • Free trial system for testing and experimental use.
  • Updated features with regular updates for Linux clients.

4. GDrive

Gdrive is also a popular Google Drive client offering users the ability to interact with the real Google Drive on Linux. The application is a command line utility that allows users to manage files, share documents, and encrypt backups.

It also supports basic synchronization features to allow users to sort and make changes to files in local or remote storage. Regular updates are also available to allow users to get new features from updates.

Key features of GDrive:

  • Using the command line interface for users.
  • Supports both basic and advanced sync.
  • The tag feature makes it easy to search among all files.
  • Sharing with the option to share files from Google Docs with others.
  • Change tracking with automatic saving of all files.

5. Rclone

Rclone is your choice for users looking for an open source Google Drive client with cloud storage sync across platforms. The command line based application was created for Ubuntu but is now a popular sync client for major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and even FreeBSD.

For all these operating systems, Rclone provides a complete cloud storage package with the necessary features for syncing and sharing files across multiple online storage services.

Key features of Rclone:

  • Command line interface for Linux clients.
  • Mount command functions for basic tasks.
  • Supports many cloud storage file formats.
  • Enhanced synchronization options across various cloud storage applications.
  • Available and available for a wide range of Linux desktop and server systems.

6. DriveSync

Another command line based tool with Google Drive client for Linux is DriveSynca command-line utility that helps Linux users access the core features of Google Drive, from file syncing to document sharing between local and remote systems.

Users can also upload new files, edit documents, and even upload files from remote storage. As one of the best alternatives to Google Drive, DriveSync is also available for customers on Windows or Mac OS systems.

Key features of DriveSync:

  • Easy to use command line interface.
  • Options to automatically upload local and online files to Google Drive.
  • Track files with automatic detection of file changes, new edits or downloads.
  • Active auto-sync feature for all file types.
  • Advanced search options with advanced filtering options.

7. GNOME online

GNOME Desktop users enjoy the convenience of the built-in Google Drive client (online account GNOME) for their desktop versions of Linux. The app allows users to add their Google account to their online GNOME account in the settings section.

After that, users can now add, sync, share, copy and delete files using the Nautilus application file manager. The Nautilus file manager also allows users to perform important tasks, such as setting up email and calendars, directly from GNOME on the web.

Key Feature:

  • The default application for all Linux GNOME desktop users.
  • Regular updates for new and latest features.
  • Performs all the basic functions of the Google Drive desktop.
  • Allows you to perform advanced synchronization, including setting up files, calendars, and emails.
  • Free and open source features allow for advanced configurations.

8. CloudCross

CloudCross is a free and open source Google Drive client for Linux, but it works on OS platforms like Mac OS and Windows.

The cross-platform software works similarly to Google Drive, providing tools and features to sync and share files between local and remote cloud storage. Cloud storage supported by CloudCross includes Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.

Key features of CloudCross:

  • Advanced sync allows you to upload from a URL to your cloud storage.
  • One touch function to download, transfer and upload files.
  • Provides automatic bi-directional conversion of documents to various file formats.
  • Highlights synchronization priority for different files.
  • Users can sync files using the black and white list.

9. Google-Drive-Ocamlfuse

Google-Drive-Ocamlfuse provides access to advanced file synchronization, document sharing and editing functions. Edit access allows users to read, write, and manage regular files and folders in both local and remote storage.

Because it uses a command line interface, Google-Drive-Ocamlfuse relies on a fuse-based filesystem to support multiple accounts and enable Google Drive mounts on your Linux. The application makes it possible to mount Google Drive by creating servers for mount points.

Key Feature:

  • Access to multiple accounts under one user account.
  • Identifies duplicate files to remove.
  • Regular updates provide improved user support.
  • Offers access to deleted items from the Google Drive Trash directory.


Since Google doesn’t provide an official Google Drive client for Linux, these Linux apps can be great alternatives for doing the same tasks.

However, it is prudent to evaluate which option suits your user needs as there are many alternative options. So, find out your user requirements and then choose the best Google Drive client to use on Linux.

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