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AI Title Generator enables ChatGPT to create attractive article titles

ai title generator 1 - AI Title Generator enables ChatGPT to create attractive article titles

There is a description called “Title kills”, the general idea is to use the title to attract readers to click, and then get more attention. In fact, in the era of information explosion, everyone does not have much time and concentration, and the title can be said to be The first thing that touches potential users, as for whether the title can successfully attract users’ attention and convert it into traffic is the real skill. It is very difficult for me to “underline the title”, and I usually put it at the end Do, it is not easy to integrate an article into a few words and be eye-catching. Fortunately, there is now artificial intelligence AI that can help solve problems.

This article will introduce “AI Title Generator“is an online tool for generating article titles with the help of AI. The website clearly states that using the titles generated by ChatGPT can get you more clicks. Simply put, AI Title Generator can generate 25 good titles for an article content. These titles have a certain length (the number of characters), and have a certain degree of effect, which is easy to attract people’s attention. All the user needs to do is to throw the content on it, which is very simple.

The technology behind the AI ​​Title Generator is ChatGPT. Although I don’t know what the prompt word (Prompt) used by this service is, it is really simple, convenient and easy to use in operation. Of course, you may not necessarily need to use it, directly in It is not very difficult for ChatGPT to paste the content and let AI assist in the integration of data to generate titles. In any case, interested friends can try it.

AI Title Generator

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After opening the AI ​​Title Generator website, copy and paste the content directly, and click “Generate Title” below to generate a title. Remember that the content part should be as complete as possible, so that AI will have enough information to integrate the content and generate various titles .

AI Title Generator


Through ChatGPT, 25 titles can be quickly generated for the article. It can be seen that they are all keywords or attractive description combinations. If you are troubled by subscripts, it will often waste a lot of time. AI Title Generator may be able to help you conceive Some titles that look good and can be applied directly will definitely be very helpful to word workers.

AI Title Generator

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Use ChatGPT to generate attractive titles, which can effectively improve the click-through rate of articles and increase website traffic
  2. Simply enter article content to quickly generate up to 25 attractive headline choices
  3. No need to spend a lot of time thinking about the title, let artificial intelligence assist in the creation, saving a lot of time


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