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All to all Free online file conversion tool that supports more than 200 formats

All to all(Bumpy) is a free format conversion platform in China that supports the conversion of more than 200 formats, including common document, video, audio, picture, font, multimedia files and other formats, as well as the most commonly used Office, PDF and electronic formats book file.Like other online conversion tools, the conversion is performed in the cloud. Users do not need to install additional software, just drag and drop the files to the All to all website and select the new format to be converted to complete the conversion.

According to the All to all website, this service is a free tool,Supports files up to 20 MBalthough it can meet 99% of daily conversion needs, it may be slightly insufficient for audio and video formats. If the files you want to convert exceed the limit, you may need to find other online conversion tools as an alternative. The advantage is the All to all interface. The design is very simple, and it has a Chinese interface. It is not too difficult to use. Drag and drop the file to the website and the convertible format will be displayed.

All to all supports various types of file formats. Basically, the files that are usually seen and used should be able to be converted on the website, but the file size cannot exceed the limit. Scroll down from the All to all home page to see a list of supported file formats.

All to all

The developer of All to all said that a colleague was accidentally infected with a virus when converting the format, so he decided to make a clean and safe conversion tool. Because it is not a cloud drive, the file will not be stored for too long and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. After the conversion, try to download the new format immediately.

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After opening the All to all website, directly drag the file to be converted onto the page, the maximum size cannot exceed 20 MB, or click “Click here to upload files” to browse and select the file to convert.

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Then it will upload the file, analyze the format, and then select the new format to convert from the back. For example, after uploading the PDF, it can be converted into doc, docx, html, rtf, txt, epub or various image formats. It should be noted that the file must be It must be able to open correctly, otherwise, an error message will be displayed during the conversion, which means that the server cannot process the user’s file.

All to all


Select the format you want to convert, and click the blue “start conversion” button to process.

All to all


Finally, a successful GIF dynamic image will appear, and the time-consuming and new file size will also be” to download and save the new file format!

All to all

Usually similar online tools are not recommended for processing too private, sensitive, confidential or important files, because the files must be uploaded to a third-party server during the conversion process, unless you can fully confirm that the service is 100% safe and reliable, Otherwise, it is safer to use an offline conversion tool for processing, and the same is true for other online services (eg free space, online file uploading tools).

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. All to all Free format conversion platform in China, supporting more than 200 common formats
  2. A maximum of 20 MB files can be converted, which should meet 99% of daily file conversion needs
  3. The file will be deleted 24 hours after conversion, try not to use it for private or confidential important files


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