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Apricot jam, as grandma makes it

Sárgabaracklekvár, ahogy a nagyi készíti

I am now sharing with you the recipe for the apricot jam made together with my grandmother. He passed on his knowledge to us and we cannot be grateful enough. The most delicious cookies will be made with this homemade apricot jam. But it will also be nice to take it out with a bottle, it will sweeten the long winter months with the memory of summer.

Grandma’s tip, which is worth taking: The homemade apricot jam is made from the so-called pineapple apricots. If you manage to buy one, you can save on peeling the fruit. Apricot jam is prepared in a much shorter time without peeling. The skin of the pineapple apricot peach is thin, yellow and sometimes red. Its fruit is large. The flesh is juicy, barely fibrous, very tasty, with a pleasantly sweet taste. *

If you make it as described, this homemade apricot jam will stay a nice bright color. It becomes a tasty, thinner, easily spreadable jam, which is excellent for spreading on morning bread or for filling sponge cakes. The cooking time is roughly an hour and a half, plus the preparation time.

Ingredients (~ for 4 720 ml mason jars)

2.5 kg apricots (clean, seeded weight)

1 kg granulated sugar

0.5 mk. sulfur (canning preservative)

1.5 mk. sodium benzoate + 1 tsp, mixed with water to sterilize the caps

Tip for making jam: use a foot with a thick bottom, so there is less chance of it burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot while the jam is cooking. For example, my grandmother makes it in a cooker without a lid.

What else you will need: long-handled wooden spoon, stick blender, ladle

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This is how homemade apricot jam is made

  • Wash the peaches under running cold water and drain. Then we separate and take out the seeds by hand, as well as the slightly brown remains of the seeds on the part of the stem. Tipp: Do not use a knife to split the peaches, as they may turn brown.
  • Cook the 2.5 kg of seeded, half-picked peaches in a thick-bottomed pot over low heat. You can continuously but slowly raise the temperature to medium, stirring occasionally.
  • Cook over medium heat until no more juice is released and it starts to soften. It will fall apart slowly, you shouldn’t rush it, because then the true color, taste and flavor of the fruit will be preserved. Depending on the peach, approx. After 20-30 minutes, it will have juice, watch it when it has released its skin, we can raise the temperature a little so that it can simmer and soften further. ATTENTION: you have to stir constantly so that it doesn’t burn! If it pours out a lot, then reduce the heat a little. Cook for roughly another 10 minutes, then stir in the wine and cook, stirring further. Wine sulfur preserves it well and helps preserve the beautiful color of our jam.
  • Pretty much 40 perc after cooking, it becomes of such a consistency that, after removing it from the heat, you can start to mix it homogeneously with a stick blender and mash it. Be careful with it, because the jam is very hot at this time, so as not to burn yourself with it.
  • Then put it back and continue to cook on medium heat, roughly for 20-30 minutes. Stir constantly.
  • After the time is up, you can feel how it starts to thicken nicely. It is more difficult for the jam to drip from the wooden spoon, we have to boil the water out of it, so the consistency will become thicker and thicker. Roughly more 20 perc after it reaches the desired consistency. Carefully taste how sweet it is. Then you can add sugar, in the amount you like. In two or three parts, mixed so that it dissolves well in the jam. Don’t be afraid of the sugar, the color of our jam will be a little darker.
  • About for 10 minutes boil it carefully, then it is good if you can see the white foam on top (this is from the sugar), it is worth boiling it completely. In this case, the sugar is constantly pulling our jam together, it is getting thicker. After that, cook the jam until it is as thick as you want its final texture to be. Attention, it will thicken after cooling, so it is worth leaving it a little thinner.
  • Tipp: Soak the caps of the completely sterile canning jars in 1 tsp. in water mixed with sodium benzoate, let it stand for a while, then put it on a clean kitchen towel and wipe it dry. With this operation, we can help our jam last even longer.
  • When the desired consistency is reached, stir the sodium benzoate into the jam, then turn off the heat and use a ladle to carefully dip it into the canning jars one spoon at a time. When the bottle is full, close the cap tightly. (the bottle is hot, touch it only with a kitchen towel!) Place in a dry colander, let it slowly cool completely, and then store it in a cool and dry place until ready to use.


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