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Archive Forever establishes permanent backups and screenshots of web page screens in the blockchain

If you want to “permanently back up” the content of a web page, what will you do? Many people may think of taking screenshots directly, right? It is a pity that it is difficult to prove the time of this scene in the screenshot. I have seen some people use the NTPClock network time calibration tool of the Standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to display the exact date (a proof that is more difficult to be forged). Webpage Time Machine” grabs a specific webpage, or uses to back up and save the page. It will store the webpage and related files after backup, so that it can maintain the current state when it is opened in the future. The backup page will have a date and time, but it is difficult to guarantee that these materials can be permanently preserved, because the huge data records are maintained by specific organizations, and it is not impossible to disappear that day.

This article will introduce “Archive Forever” is ablockchain(blockchain) technology to permanently save the page service, which uses the well-known ArweaveArweave is mainly working on the Permaweb (Permaweb) project. In addition to being a centralized storage protocol, it is also committed to enabling users of the two ethnic groups who have spare space and need permanent data storage to match each other. This network stores or provides space, and the data will be replicated on tens of thousands of machines around the world to store all kinds of data that everyone wants to keep forever.

If you are interested in Arweave, you can go to the officialWikipediaLook, there are also services built on the Persistent Web.

Archive Forever allows anyone to “permanently back up” a web page, and also includes a permanently saved screenshot, which will be stored on the aforementioned permanent network. This tool has the same feature as Arweave, that is, it can be permanently archived , while resisting possible censorship, according to the instructions, data uploaded to Arweave can be stored for at least 200 years (or as long as the Internet still exists, these materials will be there).

Archive Forever

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After opening Archive Forever, directly copy and paste the link to be captured and permanently saved. It should be noted that Archive Forever can only capture “public” pages, that is, the content that anyone who opens the page can see. Content that requires login or password to read cannot be crawled. In addition, some websites may also block Archive Forever from crawling page content because of security.

If you need a screenshot when capturing, remember to check the “Include screenshot?” option.

Archive Forever


After successful crawling, the backed up page URL (View Archived Page) and the backed up screenshot (View Screenshot of Page) will be displayed, and the hash value of this Arweave transaction will also be displayed below.

Archive Forever

Right-click on the View Archived Page to copy the link to get the URL of the permanent backup page.

Archive Forever


The picture below is the web page screen of Permaweb using Archive Forever permanent backup. There will also be a link ending with for users to view, share or save. Of course, this link cannot be deleted manually. Content cannot be edited either, so use with care.

Archive Forever

If you check Include Screenshot, there will be another link of View Screenshot of Page. After opening, it will be the web page captured as a picture, and the Chinese can also be displayed correctly! However, pages with too long content cannot be completely captured, and they cannot be deleted like screenshots of backup pages.

Archive Forever

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Archive Forever uses the Arweave blockchain to permanently store web screens and screenshots
  2. Only public page content can be crawled, and links cannot be manually edited or deleted
  3. If you need to save the date and time when crawling the webpage, it is recommended to use the webpage time machine


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