Updated : Mar 21, 2020 in Tech

Transfer file over WiFi without any app

yes, you can transfer files over WiFi without any program / application . it works just by using web browser . it works based on WebRTC protocol (peer to peer - p2p protocol) It is a cross platform you can…

Updated : Feb 29, 2020 in Tech

Use Dropbox as a cloud hosting for static files

=> Dropbox can act as a CDN , you can use it as image cdn for your site or use to directly download a file or share a file with your friends / viewers use Dropbox cloud as file cdn step…

Updated : Sep 29, 2019 in hacking

hide a text or file inside image Ubuntu

Steganography is a process of hiding a file, an image, a video, a text inside another file which is widely used to receive and send digital secret messages.  Let us now see how to hide files inside images in Linux. command…

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