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Auto Enlarge Small Fonts in Safari on iOS/Mac | How to

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Trick to automatically Enlarge Small Font in apple device. Setting the font to the proper size may be a difficult task for several . The fonts come either in small size or large size. If the font size isn’t proper it’s hard to look at material on the webpage. it’s a standard issue for iPhone / Mac users. The apple browser safari offers many font convenience to the users. Adjusting the font size may be a hassle-free task in safari. If you follow the proper steps then setting font small and enlarging font size is a simple task. allow us to see the step-by-step instructions to Automatically Enlarge small Fonts in Safari on iPhone/iPad/Mac book.

Steps to adjust the zoom level

You can Automatically Enlarge Small Fonts in Safari on Mac by adjusting the zoom level of the web-page. within the safari homepage menu, you’ve got both the concentrate and zoom out options. Also, you’ll click Ctrl + to concentrate on the whole website or click Ctrl – to zoom out. Either of those options will fix the font issue on your safari page. If you are doing not see any concentrate or zoom out option then click the customise toolbar. Now attempt to use either of those options and click on done to save lots of the changes. you’ll try the concentrate and zoom out option for the whole safari web-page. These steps will assist you to Automatically Enlarge Small Fonts in Safari on Mac.

Enlarge font size for all webpage

To see enlarged font size for all sites in safari, you’ll follow the below steps:

  • In the Safari menu bar, click the safari and preferences option.
  • Click the page zoom option.
  • Now you’ll select the online pages or all the online pages on the browser list. Now you’ll individually enter different concentrate percentage for this webpage or an equivalent zoom-in percentage.
  • Click the done button to look at the chosen sites font in an enlarged size.

Enlarge font to a selected /specific page

  • You can use the concentrate choice to automatically enlarge alittle font size in safari. However, if you would like the enlarge option only to some webpage then you’ll follow the below steps.
  • Click the location where you would like to enlarge the tiny font size.
    Now right click on the URL of the well-liked website. Now click the setting for the web site option.
    You can now click the zoom-in option for the location . you’ll specifically enlarge the font size of a site in safari by these steps. Also, you’ll concentrate quite 100% with this feature .

Change the safari font size on iOS devices

The setting to vary font size in safari when using iPhone or iPad is different. However, changing the font size or enlarging requires only two steps in iOS devices. 

  • On the safari webpage, you would like to click the view menu option located at top of the screen. you’ll see two options like address bar A and B.
  • You can tap caps lock ‘A’ to extend the font size and click on the tiny â€˜a’ to decrease font size.

Set the website to use a large font size

There is a special option in the Safari browser that allows you to adjust the font size to a minimum and maximum font levels. Follow the below steps to change enlarge the font size in the safari browser.

  • In the Safari browser click the menu bar and then the preferences option.
  • Click on the advanced tab option.
  • In the accessibility category, there is an option known as ‘never use a font size smaller than. This option allows you to change font size in the browser. You can specify any font size in this option.
  • After clicking the done option, you can see that all the safari web pages will have the font size specified in the setting.
Setting higher font size with style sheet

If none of the above options works for you, you can try out these quick ways to enlarge font size in safari.

  • Open an application named ad Text Edit.
  • In this app, open a new document.
  • Click the menu bar of the Text-edit app. now click format and add the plain text option.
  • You can add codes to enlarge the font size on the safari web-page. the most effective care to zoom in browser webpage is body {zoom: 140%.
  • Save this file in TextEdit. You can use any name for this file.
  • Choose an easy location to save this file.
  • Now in the safari browser, you can click the advanced setting option.
  • Now click the style sheet and drop it in on the browser.
  • You can choose the location you saved the file.
  • Now your safari browser will have the default large font size as you have specified in the style sheet.
  • You can edit the zoom level of the safari browser using the TextEdit application anytime you want.

Many do not have time to change font settings on their safari browser. However, through the accessibility option in the settings menu, you can quickly enlarge the font size. Right out any of the above methods to Automatically Enlarge Small Fonts in Safari on Mac.

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