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AvePDF integrates a variety of free PDF online tools, basic conversion and editing without installation software

AvePDF It is an online tool that includes various PDF editing functions, including the most common file conversion, format conversion, organization, editing, security protection, optimization, etc. AvePDF features a complete set of technology development. Unlike other competitors, they can Fully control these technologies, so it can also provide users with faster, safer and more powerful services. The company behind it is committed to PSPDFKit, which has a complete PDF SDK software development tool suite. Through its own website to practice related functions, users in need can also Solve problems quickly.

AvePDF itself has a multi-language interface including Simplified Chinese, but there are also common problems, that is, some translations do not seem to be very correct, but there is no problem in basic reading operations. There will be “Most Popular” at the top of the AvePDF website Features, you can find features like compress PDF, eSign PDF (electronic signature), convert to PDF, merge PDF, organize PDF (reorder, rotate, join delete pages), convert PDF to PDF/A, PDF/A validation, Edit PDF and scan to PDF with a scanner.

If you have specific needs, you can also quickly open it from the top category. Some basic conversion, editing (splitting, merging, inverting, deleting pages or rotating), protection or optimization can be done on the AvePDF website. File upload can be done, this is the biggest advantage of online tools!

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Next, let’s actually operate the AvePDF function!


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If you open AvePDF from the link above, it should have a simplified Chinese interface. If you open the website and see the English version, you can use it directly or scroll to the bottom of the page to find the language switching option.



AvePDF divides the functions into categories, click on the category above, and find the corresponding tools to start using, such as the PDF conversion that most people will use, which can convert PDF to various formats (or convert other formats to PDF).


There are also splitting, merging, sorting, reversing, deleting pages, rotating PDFs, or converting multi-page files into a single PDF page and adding pages to PDF files under the organization category. It is very simple but everyone may have the opportunity to encounter it. situation.


Under the editing category, there are functions for editing PDF, filling forms, flattening, cropping, resizing PDF, cleaning PDF, adding watermark, marking, extracting PDF pages, deleting text or editing PDF metadata.


There are other tools such as protection, optimization, or other tools that are not in the category, such as eSign PDF electronic signature, adding password, and unlocking password. It is provided, and if you feel that the effect is not good, you can also choose other alternatives.



For example, enabling the Convert PDF to plain textJust drag and drop the PDF file to the webpage and upload it to convert it. In addition to uploading files from the computer, it also supports Google Drive, Dropbox cloud hard drive or directly entering the URL. The file size is 128 MB.


Uploading may take some time, depending on file size.



Different PDF editing functions may pop up different options, for example, if you convert to plain text, you will be asked whether you want to keep the text layout.


After completion, click “Download” to save the converted format to your computer. Of course, you can also save it directly to the cloud hard drive. AvePDF also provides a manual deletion function. If users have doubts about privacy, they can also delete Manually delete after returning to the file.



Another one that you’ll use a lot”PDF converter” function, you can convert more than 100 file formats to PDF. You can also open the tool and drag the file to the web page, and then you can convert it to PDF after uploading. The file size cannot exceed 128 MB.


The conversion will take some time, remember to keep the page open.


After the conversion is complete, you will get a PDF file! Click “Download” to save the file or directly save it to the cloud drive. The modes of AvePDF’s various tools are similar, so you can study it yourself.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. AvePDF includes various PDF online editing tools, which can be used without installing software
  2. Multi-language interface including Chinese, and upload files from cloud hard drive
  3. Provide manual delete file function

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