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Beach dresses: 5 ideas to wear this holiday

Beach dresses 5 ideas to wear this holiday - Beach dresses: 5 ideas to wear this holiday

Beach dresses are a very useful item of clothing that, in addition to helping us cover our swimsuits, have the advantage of offering us incredible designs with which we can put together super beachy outfits. If you are looking for the one that best suits your style, get inspired by these ideas that we bring to you.

10 fresh and youthful beach dresses perfect for Easter

5 ideas of beach dresses perfect for Easter holidays

The Easter holidays are getting closer and we are already hallucinating with feeling the sun on our skin, the sand under our feet and, of course, seeing ourselves super fashionistas while we walk on the beach. We say hallucinating because in the newsroom we will not have vacations, but surely you are going to have the chance to take a little getaway to the sea and that is why we created this mini guide to dresses that are basic when it comes to going to enjoy the sea breeze.

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how to dress for the beach

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In addition to being super comfortable and fresh, they are the perfect outfit for shooting on the beach. If you were also thinking of updating your profile picture, kill two birds with one stone and show off your photos on social media.

What dresses can be worn on the beach?

The advantage of spending hot days in a warm environment is that we can wear countless garments that were designed to withstand this type of climate. Some shorts, a nice skirt or a good dress. The stores offer a wide variety of models, colors, fabrics, and shapes that, in addition to helping you cover your swimsuit, serve perfectly as a normal garment, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them even out of the water. As you well know, there are no rules that dictate what should and should not be worn, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Long dress with balloon or lantern sleeves

This model, in addition to being very fresh, adds a romantic and super aesthetic touch to your look. If you are looking for a garment that also helps you look cute and super girly, bet on a model similar to this one (especially in white).

puff sleeve beach dress

Imagen: Rachel Jackson

Dress with long sleeves

If you, like us, have sensitive skin but love going to the beach, we have the perfect garment for you to look amazing and protect yourself from the sun. The long-sleeved linen dresses are highly fresh and have all the beach vibes that you absolutely need to wear this vacation.

beach dress with long sleeves

Image: Julia Volkov

Tipo holder

These dresses scream femininity and sensuality for every inch of fabric, they are also a fresh and comfortable garment to wear both on and off the beach. Our advice is to wear it with good espadrilles.

halter neckline beach dress

Image: Alena Ozerova


These garments originating from Morocco are perfect to wear on the beach, although they are very common in summer, the reality is that if you have the opportunity to wear it this vacation, do it!

kaftan style beach dress

Image: Alena Ozerova

What is a cover up in clothing?

Although it is not exactly a dress, this garment is typical of beach attire, its main function is to help cover the swimsuit and we include it in this list because its design combines the best of a dress with a tunic. Surely you know them as beach outings and these robes/dresses are ideal for those girls who are a little more daring and want to leave more skin exposed to the sun.

cover up beach dress or beach outing


Wishing you a happy holiday, we hope that these ideas have been very useful when choosing the beach dresses that you will wear these days off. Tell us if you already knew these garments and if you acquired any, tell us how it went with it.

PS Bring us a souvenir of your trip.

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