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Best Android Back Button Replacement Apps Without Root

Best Android Back Button Replacement Apps Without Root

Your Android cellphone button is broken, usually some important buttons like Back button (Back), Home, and Recent often don’t work when pressed. In this issue of smartphone tips, we will learn how to solve the problematic back button by using a back button replacement application on Android. The list of applications that we will use is very easy to install because it does not require special permission or without root and of course this apk has been tested and is the best based on user satisfaction.

Various types of button replacement applications have been circulating and you can Google Play Store download. However, only a few are comfortable to use. More than that, the use of this replacement application can also save our spending budget for service to the counter or cell phone repair.

There are several reasons why the buttons on an Android cellphone don’t work, usually because they fall and the touch screen or touch screen is cracked, causing some sort of lines which of course interfere with the system performance of your smart phone device.

Back Button Replacement Application / Back Button Apk

android back button replacement app

In this dish, we will review a list of free or free back button replacement applications that we can use to our heart’s content. We can install this virtual button application through the Play Store service.

1. Back Button – Assistive Touch

application to replace the back home button and recent android

An application that replaces the back button that is easy to use and comfortable to operate with a very user friendly interface.

You can see that for the back button in the Apk Back Button, there is only one button in the middle of the side of the screen.

Through that one button, you can replace our Android back and home buttons. It’s really very easy to use especially in terms of accessibility. You can maximize this feature after activating the Long Click Action on the Back Button.

2. Easy Touch

back button replacement app on android

One of the best back button replacement applications that you must try, this back button replacement apk becomes Assistive Touch on premium phones like the iPhone where the quality of service is no longer in doubt.

Its use is also practically easy and practical, the operation of the buttons that will appear like a pop up that presents several buttons such as the back, home, and recent buttons with settings that you can set according to your taste.

You can download this virtual button application on the Google Play Store service via the link we have provided.

3. Simple Control

android back button replacement app

An alternative application to replace the back button without root that you can use is the Simple Control apk. This app can replace the broken back button function.

You can install this free back button application through the Android Google Play Store, more than that this application has the advantage of easy accessibility.

4. Swipe Home Button

The next application to replace the good and reliable back button is the Swipe Home Button Apk. One of the applications that can replace the role of the broken back button with an easy-to-use interface.

This back button application has several vital functions that you can maximize its use, starting from the back button which you can operate by swiping down and the home button by swiping up and the recent swipe up button.

Well, for advanced settings you can choose which buttons you want to use in the settings menu.

5. All In One Gestures

You can solve a broken back button on an Android cellphone by installing an application to replace the All In One Gestures back button on your Android system. You can run this free back button application very easily and practically.

The operational system is practically as simple as you just swipe on the side of the Android cellphone screen, starting from the top, bottom, right, and left sides. This operation can replace the damaged home, back, and recent buttons on your Android.

6. Navigation Bar (Back, Home, Recent Button)

android back home button replacement app

The Soft Keys application is in the form of a navigation bar that you can slide anywhere you like. This application to replace the back button on an Android cellphone has advantages ranging from the ease of access provided to the choice of various action buttons.

In this application to replace the back button, there are a variety of button options menus such as the home button, back, recent, notification, lock screen to custom navigation bar.

The size of the replacement button apk screen interface is also quite minimalist and not too big to fill your Android cellphone screen.

7. Button Savior Non Root

back home button replacement app on android

If you want to use the most complete button replacement application, Button Savior is the answer. This button replacement application includes many key functions such as back, home, recent task, volume, screen off, camera, and other buttons.

This button has a button display that is quite clear and has a steady touch, besides that you can place it on the right or left side of your Android cellphone screen.

8. Pie Control

broken back button replacement app

Back, home, and recent keyboard applications that you can use to replace cellphone buttons that are no longer working. This application is shaped like a semicircle pie containing a menu of key functions.

There are various menu options for replacement buttons such as the home, back, recent, and shortcut keys that you can set according to your taste. This application is also equipped with a navigation bar that you can access on the right, left, top and bottom of the Android cellphone screen.

You can install this back button replacement application for all types of Android cellphone brands starting from Samsung, AsusXiaomi, OppoHuawei, Vivo, Lenovo, Advan and others.

More than that, this apk is also suitable for all versions of the Android system starting from Android Oreo, Lollipop, and other versions.

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You can use this collection of applications to replace the back, home, and recent buttons on Android without root and are also free to use or free without paying with the best service and convenience.


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