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Big Timer is a super-large timer when opening the website. It is very useful to control the time of the event field.

When you need to control the time of each agenda speaker when you are holding an event, or you want to master the time rhythm when you go to the stage for a briefing, in addition to preparing your own watch or timer, you can also directly turn the computer into a large timing board, which is convenient for reminding the remaining time of the speakers on stage. , through the handy free service “Big Timer“It can be done just by opening the browser, no additional software download or installation is required, and the timer can be displayed in full screen mode, which has a very good effect.

In fact, the timer is just to display the time, especially when the speaker on the stage needs a larger font,The title of the Big Timer website directly tells users that this is a big timer. After opening the website, there will be a timing function with black background and light words.set the countdown time, click it to start the timer, and if you need to add or reduce the time temporarily, there are corresponding buttons available.

In addition, Big Timer can play a sound after the countdown is over, play a sound prompt for the last 10 seconds, or automatically start a new timer after the time is up, display a notification (this function when switching to other browsers for paging) useful), there are also keyboard shortcuts, adjusting the time from a browser URL, or bookmarking to quickly turn on the timing function.

Big Timer

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After opening the Big Timer website, it will give you a time first, move the mouse cursor to the top, and various control button functions will appear next to it, such as the “”Start” to start the timer, press again to pause or reset the timer, and there are time-plus and minus-time buttons at the bottom right.

Big Timer


In the upper right corner, there is a “Enter full screen display”Fullscreen” button, auto-retime”Repeat“, for more setting options, click “Preferences” found, if you want to query keyboard shortcuts, click “Info” will have a more complete description (in simple terms, the space bar is to start and pause the timer, R to reset the timer, and the number keys to set the time).

Big Timer


Click in the middle of the website to set the countdown time, there are three units of hours, minutes and seconds. After setting, press Enter Finish.

Big Timer


In the preferences, the first two options for playing sounds are turned on, and a prompt sound will also be played when the timer countdown ends and 10 seconds before the end. options open.

Big Timer

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Big Timer Open the browser to have a timer, with black background and light-colored numbers for easier reading
  2. Ability to increase or decrease time at any time, easy to use with keyboard shortcuts
  3. Play a sound after the countdown ends or play a sound prompt in the last 10 seconds


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