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Bio Sites is a free personal page service that integrates community button links and third-party content

bio sites 01 jpg - Bio Sites is a free personal page service that integrates community button links and third-party content

If you want to be found by others on the Internet, you first need to have a website address. Many people today may not choose to set up their own personal websites, but use social platforms instead. But there are so many social services, which one do you think is the most suitable? What about representing yourself? How about organizing them all on the same page! I have introduced many one-page personal page services before. The common point is that as long as you register, you can quickly design a simple page through the online editor, and you can also customize the explanatory text to be displayed, add links to other online services, etc. Moreover, the webpages generated by these services are very suitable for reading on mobile devices.

This article will introduce “Bio Sites“is a free personal page service that allows users to quickly create a mobile first (Mobile first) single-page web page and link it to your social networking site, store, service, blog, newsletter, video, music,NFT Wait, it’s worth mentioning that behind Bio Sites is a well-known website building and hosting service”Squarespace“, let alone worry about reliability, stability and security.

Bio Sites

Bio Sites has a great sleek design and an easy-to-remember personalized URL (, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t provide a custom URL. The pages created by default can add name, photo, cover photo, personal introduction and links to social networking sites. You can also add link buttons, text boxes or embed content from third-party services (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc.), currently some features like statistical analysis, receiving payments are still under development.

Next, I will briefly introduce Bio Sites registration and basic function teaching. If you want to build a page to integrate your own various community links, websites or contact information, you can quickly achieve it by using Bio Sites, and the established single-page web page The effect is very good, and it can also save the time and cost of self-development and subsequent maintenance of the server. At least you don’t have to fight with complicated codes, which makes the difficulty much lower.

Bio Sites

use teaching


After opening the Bio Sites website, you will see some samples and function introductions. Click “Create a free Bio Site” to create a free Bio Site, and the following screen will appear. Users can first select a user name, which will also become your page URL , cannot be the same as other people’s names, and this URL can also be logged in, edited and modified in the future.

Bio Sites

If the selected username is available, you can start creating an account. It is not too difficult to register with a Google, Apple account, or Email.

Bio Sites


After registration, Bio Sites will provide a lot of website templates for users to choose from. These website designs look very design, preview and test here, and then click the button below to apply this template, don’t worry, Feel free to switch to another theme style later.

Bio Sites


After selecting the template, Bio Sites will guide the user to set up the personal information for the first time. First, add your name and photo.

Bio Sites

Then first add a few social networking sites that you have used and want to be displayed on the Bio Sites page. You can add or delete them from the options below, and follow the instructions to enter the account number or URL. Of course, you can also not add any information. After that, it can be set and adjusted in the console editor.

Bio Sites

Finally, Bio Sites will ask if you want to add more links, which may be to your content, website, service or any target.

Bio Sites


Follow the instruction guide to complete the simple Bio Sites, and the user’s website will be officially launched here! However, you may feel that it is not perfect, or want to see if there are other functions, change other templates or color matching, etc., click “Continue Editing” to continue to enter the editing mode (if you want to edit again in the future, just go back to Bio Sites to log in to access the console).

Bio Sites


The editing function of Bio Sites is very simple. The main menu is on the left side. You can edit personal information, fields, template styles, traffic analysis and payment. Make changes, switch the site to public or private (the latter is only visible to you, good for editing, not yet finished).

Bio Sites

Switch to “My Sections” from the menu on the left to adjust the page configuration. Most of the editing options are here. By default, there will be two fields of community buttons and links. You can also add links or text boxes according to recommendations. In particular, Bio Sites allows users to embed content from third-party services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Pinterest.

Compared with other services of the same type, this should be regarded as the feature and advantage of Bio Sites, which allows users to create a very unique one-page web page.

Bio Sites

If you want to write a description or more text on the page, you can also choose to add a “text box”, and there will be title and text fields that can be edited.

Bio Sites


Then switch to “Style” from the menu on the left to adjust the template and background color. If you feel that you have not selected the website style you are satisfied with at the beginning of the teaching, you can also preview and select various templates here. The background part has monochrome and dynamic backgrounds. Available, after selection, it will be updated directly on the right side of the page. After editing, don’t forget to press “Update” in the upper right corner to save the update.

Bio Sites


Finally, get your personal webpage link from Bio Sites in the upper right corner! It can be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or as a personal webpage. Currently, there are no usage restrictions and no payment (there is no option to upgrade the plan). Interested friends can study it!

Bio Sites

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Bio Sites is a free one-page web service from Squarespace
  2. Integrate various social networking sites, links, text boxes or third-party services on a single page
  3. Provide a variety of beautiful and design templates and color schemes, and provide customizable personalized URLs


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