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Bonang, Shudu and Aisha share their skincare tips

bonang shudu and aisha skincare - Bonang, Shudu and Aisha share their skincare tips

A brand that has been synonymous in many households with keeping our skin moisturised has upped its offering to melanin-rich skin tones, particularly after a huge endorsement by Bonang Matheba.

Nivea has launched a new skincare range focusing on black skin, something their market research found was lacking. Consumers complained that they were not targeting them in their advertising nor the products they were offering. They wanted to see themselves and diverse faces in the branding.

And depending on who you ask they have listened.

Popular and beloved new faces include Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo “Shudu” Musiḓa, businesswoman and award-winning content creator Aisha Baker, songstress Shekhinah, beauty content creator Vongai Mapho and Miss SA 2021 top 10 finalist Anarzade Omar.

Women with different skin tones and melanin.

The new ranges are Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care which helps exfoliate dry skin and Radiant & Beauty Even Glow which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, brightens the skin and improves skin texture.

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The ingredients are things we are familiar with such as avocado oil, almond oil, olive and turmeric.

Bonang, Shudu and Aisha shared their skincare routine and must-haves with The Citizen

Bonang’s skincare routine

Hosting the event was Bonang Matheba who shared her beauty skin care tips and when she started feeling comfortable in her skin. The star said around the primary school was when she started feeling comfortable with who she was.

Famously known for having a glass of BNG in her hand, the TV presenter says she has incorporated drinking a lot more water into her beauty routine, as the natural beverage hasn’t been her first choice.

Adding; “I don’t sleep with makeup on, I make sure to clean my makeup brushes and have a glass or two of water.”

Media personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba. Picture: Supplied

The ever-charismatic and charming media personality continues to grow her businesses and has her eye on the beauty industry one day. “I would love to make butter but the Bonang way”, concluding with her spark and uniqueness.

Aisha Baker’s skincare tips

Known for her successful Baked Collection apparel and having two sons with cricket player Wayne Parnell Aisha says her skincare has largely grown from being nonchalant to moisturising more often the older she gets and after having children.

“What I do without fail every day is to exfoliate in the shower because I like how it feels on my body. When I am done, I immediately moisturise. I put on meditation music. Sometimes I light a candle or some incense or something that smells good.”

Aisha Baker. Picture: Supplied
Entrepreneur Aisha Baker. Picture: Supplied

Baker says she takes her time, making sure her moisturiser absorbs into her skin.

Shudu’s skincare essentials

The women stressed that because women have made it a quick routine to moisturise our skin, they should take a step back and enjoy some self-care and me-time, particularly after getting out of the shower or bath, something Musiḓa says is important and make it a habit.

The mental health ambassador says skincare items she can’t live without include Nivea and body oils.

“Especially oils that have essential oils, to incorporate in my skin routine and because it helps me calm down sometimes and I make sure to moisture, we shouldn’t skip this, take your time with it.”

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