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bridal makeup tips

bridal makeup tips - bridal makeup tips

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most commemorative dates for a couple. They are a celebration that is shared with family and friends to celebrate a union of love. A day where everything must be perfect, from the place, the food, to the music. This time we will talk specifically about bridal makeup tips.

These are some of the most requested looks on these special occasions.

Korean style makeup

The latest beauty trends have leaned towards looks inspired by Korean makeup techniques, which is characterized by being a natural style better known as glass skin.

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This trend is characterized by showing clean skin without so much makeup and highlighting the light of the face. A good option for those people who do not like the texture that heavy makeup leaves behind.

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Natural makeup

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eyes that surprise

One of the most requested looks by brides are those makeups that highlight the look with the help of large eyelash extensions, dark colors and glitter. This is a great option for weddings that take place in the afternoon or evening to automatically highlight the face.

eyes make up

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Smoky nudes, the favorites

For a few years now, smoky shading in nude colors has become a trend, so brides are looking for this type of style for any occasion, whether for weddings held in the morning or at night.

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nude smokey eyes

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Makeup with decorative stones

Fashion changes and reinvents itself, one of the trends at the moment is makeup that uses stones, glitter or more accessories that stand out on the face. This type of decoration is usually placed on the eyes and thus highlight this part of the face.

This makeup is a daring version, but without a doubt an innovation that helps highlight the face of the bride.

makeup with pearls

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Tips before makeup

No matter what makeup the bride chooses for her special day, it is important to take skin care into account well before beginning this task. Beauty professionals have recommended starting with a hydration and cleansing routine before the wedding in order to have the perfect face before applying the products.

A night routine that keeps your face hydrated will be your perfect ally. Use creams and cleansers, as well as serums and sunscreen. Do not forget to sleep at least eight hours to notice significant changes.

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